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Version 3.7.1 WordPress.org

    On October 29, 2013, WordPress 3.7.1 was released to the public. This is a maintenance update for WordPress 3.7. Installation/Update Information # Installation/Update Information. To download WordPress 3.7.1, update automatically from the Dashboard > Updates menu in your site’s admin area or visit https://wordpress.org/download/release-archive/.

Updating WordPress WordPress.org

    If your site is capable of one-click updates without entering FTP credentials, then your site should be able to update from 3.7 to 3.7.1, 3.7.2, etc. (You’ll still need to click “Update Now” for major feature releases.) Top ↑ One-click Update # One-click Update. WordPress lets you update …

How to Turn Off WordPress 3.7 Auto Updates BlogAid

    Oct 28, 2013 · In this post I’ll give you details on the new update feature, plus ways to set it so that you get the configuration that works best for you and your site. Stumbled Out of the Gate. Plugin conflicts seem to be the biggest issue with updating to WordPress 3.7. Some site owners got the white screen of death immediately.

What New Features Are Coming in WordPress 3.7

    Now WordPress will be able to do this on its own. A typical WordPress installation will be able to automatically update minor/security releases by without any user input. This means that a user does not need to update WordPress from 3.7 to 3.7.1. However, automatic updates will not be done for major releases by default, for example 3.7.1 to 3.8.

Version 3.7.2 WordPress.org

    On April 8, 2014, WordPress 3.8.2 was released to the public and WordPress 3.7.2 was released as a automatic security update for WordPress 3.7.1. Installation/Update Information # Installation/Update Information. To download WordPress 3.7.2, update automatically from the Dashboard > Updates menu in your site’s admin area or visit https ...

News – WordPress 3.7 “Basie” – WordPress.org

    Oct 24, 2013 · To that end, our password meter has been updated in WordPress 3.7 to recognize common mistakes that can weaken your password: dates, names, keyboard patterns (123456789), and even pop culture references. Better global support: Localized versions of WordPress will receive faster and more complete translations. WordPress 3.7 adds support for ...

What is New in WordPress 3.7 Update?

    However, you will need to update the 3.8 version manually (and maybe the forthcoming ones). Stronger passwords. The new update uses Dropbox’s library – zxcvbn to evaluate whether your chosen password is strong enough. The library is used in the WordPress 3.7 core …

What's new in WordPress 3.7?

    Apr 22, 2014 · In response to this concern, WP Engine has just announced a new feature called Automated Update Protection, which instantly creates a snapshot of your site, applies the WordPress update, then runs a series of tests against the newly-updated site, ensuring that the site runs exactly the same as it did before the update.

News – WordPress 3.8.2 Security Release – WordPress.org

    Apr 08, 2014 · Download WordPress 3.8.2 or venture over to Dashboard → Updates and simply click “Update Now.” Sites that support automatic background updates will be updated to WordPress 3.8.2 within 12 hours. If you are still on WordPress 3.7.1, you will be updated to 3.7.2, which contains the same security fixes as 3.8.2.

How to Fix the WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue in 2021

    Dec 22, 2020 · Most managed WordPress hosting providers, including Kinsta, don’t provide email hosting. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t send emails from your WordPress installation. Typically when you are trying to fix the WordPress not sending emails issue it is not a problem on the server, but rather email is set up incorrectly on the WordPress installation or there is an incompatibility.

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