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Missing: “Your comment is awaiting moderation” WordPress.org

    Prior to the most recent WP update (4.9.8), when a comment that contained two or more links was posted to my site, that comment was held for moderation, and the person who posted the comment was shown a message at the top of their submission which read, “Your comment is being held for moderation.”

Topic: Comment is awaiting moderation WordPress.com Forums

    Sep 17, 2007 · As for an explanation as to why your comments are not being posted I should think that the party to ask about that is the blogger holding the comment in moderation. And as you have not provided a link to the post you commented on I’m assuming you are referring to the post linked to by the OP which was Posted: Wednesday, July 4th, 2007 at 6:06 ...

None “Your comment is awaiting moderation” WordPress.org

    Your comment form is not the standard one that WordPress supplies. It has captcha and notify options, so the part where it shows your comment is waiting for moderation could have been removed by the theme or plugins.

How does "Your comment is awaiting moderation" work?

    As far as I remember awaiting moderation message should be only visible to author of the comment. If it is displaying otherwise it might be faulty caching implementation or other code interfering. The customization of it depends on where it is coming from - it can be WP core, core theme or third party theme using same string.

your comment awaiting moderation message sometimes not ...

    When a comment is posted, the url of the page when it refreshes contains an anchor to the wrapping div of the new comment. In that div instead of showing the comment when a normal user makes the comment, a message "your comment is awaiting moderation" normally appears.

Wordpress: your comment awaiting moderation message ...

    Wordpress: your comment awaiting moderation message sometimes not appearingHelpful? Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/roelvandepaarWith ...

What does it mean, 'your comment is awaiting moderation?'

    May 26, 2017 · It simply means that the admin of the website needs to approve your comment before it will be published on the website for everyone to see! There are lot of spam bots out there which are posting spam comments and as an admin you want to disapprove comments like this.

Show the comment / awaiting moderation ... - WordPress Trac

    Comments: Show the "awaiting moderation" message when comment cookies are disabled. The "Your comment is awaiting moderation." message relied upon the comment author cookie being set. However, since it's now possible to opt-out of that cookie, submitting a comment won't show the comment preview when the comment is placed in moderation.

How to change text "Your comment is awaiting moderation ...

    WordPress 'comment is awaiting moderation.' message not appearing when a comment is submitted? 0. Wordpress Custom Post Meta Query. 1. comments link in shortcodes in Origin wordpress theme. 2. Wordpress Ultimate Member Plugin – Set User Status to Awaiting …

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