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WordPress WYSIWYG Visual Editor Not Working or Not ...

    Luckily WordPress 2.0 allows WYSIWYG visual editor to be turned off or disabled. However, when wants to enable and use WYSIWYG visual editor again, the visual editor simply doesn’t appear nor show up. It’s as if visual editor has vanished into the thin air. The situation might happens even if you never disable the visual editor before.

WordPress Visual Editor Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

    WordPress Visual Editor Not Working? Log into your WordPress dashboard. On the left-hand side, go to Users > Your Profile. Check the box beside Disable the visual editor when writing.

Visual Editor not showing WordPress.org

    You might already know this but if your go to your WordPress profile, there is a checkbox to ” Disable the visual editor when writing” be sure it is unchecked. However, I am still having a problem with only a little bit of the editor showing like in this comment box im typing in right now.

visual editor not showing up WordPress.org

    I’ve got a problem with the visual editor not showing up when I want to create/edit a page. As of WordPress 5.0, there is no “Visual” editor tab anymore. The Block Editor replaced the old editor. It is the new “visual” editor.

How to fix the Visual Editor or Text Editor in WordPress ...

    Sep 16, 2017 · Please this issue is really making me suffer. I have this theme I purchased in 2016. It works very fine when I was using shared hosting but now the only issue is it refuses to toggle from either text editor to visual….Please is there any other solution because guide did not work in my case.

Solving issues with the WordPress editor for posts and pages

    Icons in toolbar of text editor are missing. If you only see a few icons available in the toolbar of the WordPress editor, please make sure that you have selected the correct editor mode (visual or text) and ensure that you have clicked the Toolbar Toogle icon to open up more tools for you to use. In text mode the WordPress editor has less icons available in the toolbar.

Visual editor not showing wysywig editor ... - WordPress Trac

    Summary changed from Wordpress 3.8 update - visual editor not showing wysywig editor and white text on white background to Visual editor not showing wysywig editor and white text on white background This is probably moving into support forum territory now, but here's one suggestion for you.

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