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Is it possible to create nested lists in the WYSIWYG editor?

    I'm looking to set up WP for a user that does not know or care about HTML, so I need everything to work in the WYSIWYG editor. She'll be working on posts that have lots of nested bullet lists, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it work.

How to Create Nested Lists in WordPress Using Indent or ...

    2. Create nested lists in WordPress using Gutenberg. Step 1 – Add the List block. Click the + icon, search for “List” and add the block. Step 2 – Create a list and start indenting. From here on it’s just like you see in the above example. Create a normal list, then select the items that you want to add to the nested list, then click on the Indent list item button.

Nested Ordered Lists – WordPress plugin WordPress.org

    Description. When ordered lists are nested, by deafult each level will have the same style of numbering, but this plugin allows lists nested up to three levels deep to have different styles of number identifiers. These list styles are also reflected in the visual editor, and to help visualise the nesting hierarchy of ordered lists in the visual editor, a subtle border is shown around lists.5/5(6)

WordPress Skills - What You See Is What You Get Editor

    Jan 21, 2015 · A bulleted list is called an “unordered list” and a numbered list is called an “ordered list”. Nested lists can be created on each list item with the “increase indent” button and removed with the “decrease indent” button. This is an ordered list item. This is another ordered list item. This is a nested item.

Use WordPress's WYSIWYG Editor - Insights Oomph, Inc.

    Jan 07, 2016 · Lists can be nested — a bulleted list may have a numbered list inside of it. In HTML, this uses a set of <ul> and <li> tags for the “unordered list” and the “list items” Numbered List: Similar to above, but with numbers. In HTML, this uses the <ol> (ordered list) tag in combination with the <li> list item

WYSIWYG toolbar 'indent button' produces ... - WordPress

    I created a plugin to include the lists tinyMCE plugin but that failed to get nested lists working. It seemed to me that another tinyMCE plugin was causing the problem. I removed one plugin at a time and found that if I remove the wordpress tinyMCE plugin the list plugin works.

Styling Lists with CSS « WordPress Codex

    The most common lists users often want to modify in WordPress are the sidebar menu lists. Since many sidebars feature nested lists, let's look at those in more depth. Begin by examining the style.css file found within the Theme's folder you are using. Most WordPress Themes label their sidebar menu section with the words sidebar, menu, or a combination of both.

How to create Multilevel / Hierarchical menus in WordPress ...

    Dec 12, 2020 · How to create Multilevel / Hierarchical menus in WordPress. In WordPress you are able to create a multilevel / hierarchical menu via WordPress Menu System ( WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Menu ) as well as via Theme Customizer ( WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Customize ).. In this documentation we will be looking at the steps to create a …

Proper way to make HTML nested list? - Stack Overflow

    Note how the nested list starts after the <li> and the text of the containing list item (“Chapter One”); then ends before the </li> of the containing list item. Nested lists often form the basis for website navigation menus, as they are a good way to …

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