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what is the meaning of 1 in user status field of wp_users ...

    The user_status field is effectively a dead record in the database. It's been that way for some time. You could certainly make use of it for your own purpose, but as it is a sort of deprecated or unusued element, it's always possible it will be dropped from a future version of WordPress. Or even be put back to work.

users - What the user_status column? - WordPress ...

    It is used to update the status of a user in the database. Used in core to mark a user as spam or "ham" (not spam) on multisite installs. Status 0 is Ham Status 1 is Spam. Again, this will not work on single site installs. https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/update_user_status#Mark_a_User_as_Spam

WP Online Users Stats – WordPress plugin WordPress.org

    – Go to Admin > Online Users and you will see full datatables view with user stats like online, offline and away. – Tables fields will be Username, E-mail and Status with icon (Green for online, Yellow for away and Red for offline). – Table has search functionality too, enter user Name or Email and you will be able to see its status.4.3/5(3)

update_user_status() Function WordPress Developer ...

    (string) (Required) The column in the wp_users table to update the user's status in (presumably user_status, spam, or deleted). $value (int) (Required) The new status for the user. …

database - wp_users user_status field - WordPress ...

    I have found an answer to my question here but it's 7 years old. I simply want to know if I can use this column for my own purposes. I'm planning to use the user_activation_key column to store a hashed key upon user registration and set an inactive flag in the user_status column. This flag will prevent users from logging in until their e-mail address has been verified.

Set New User Registration Status In WordPress Easily Using ...

    Feb 13, 2018 · The admin of the WordPress site will see a list of users from the User→All Users menu. There in the status column, they will find the status as Pending for the recently registered user. Hovering over it will show the Approve or Deny option. You can see the in-detailed documentation for more information.

How to Add an Admin User to the WordPress Database via MySQL

    Mar 29, 2019 · Once logged in, click on Users and edit the username you just created. Go down and click on the Save button (you don’t have to change anything). This will allow WordPress to go through and add some more information and clean-up the user we just added.

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