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wp_title Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    The wp_title filter is used to filter the title of the page (called with wp_title ()). This filters the text appearing in the HTML <title> tag (sometimes called the “title tag” or “meta title”), not the post, page, or category title. A plugin (or theme) can register as a content filter with the code: 1

the_title Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    15 rows · Top ↑ More Information # More Information. the_title is a filter applied to the post title …

wp_title_parts Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    Filters the parts of the page title.

wp_title() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Top ↑ More Information # More Information Best practices # Best practices. Plugins might use the wp_title filter to generate a value. While it is possible to construct a “title” by doing things such as concatenating with bloginfo (the Site Name), if you do not use the wp_title function in your theme, you will likely have errors or unexpected behavior.. Top ↑

wp_title Wordpress hook details -- Adam Brown, BYU ...

    You're browsing the WordPress hooks database, which contains information about action hooks and filter hooks in WordPress's code. The hooks in WordPress make it the most flexible blogging software available. Plugin authors and theme developers rely on WordPress hooks to interact with the blog platform's PHP code. More information about this database is at WordPress Hooks Database (home).

how to hook into a page’s title? WordPress.org

    The title_tag code from your theme appears to be only the size header tag to use (h2, h3, etc.), not the actual title. You can use what ever source for title you want, yoast, your own version, the standard WP version from get_documant_title () or wp_title (), etc.

get_wp_title_rss Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    Filters the blog title for use as the feed title.

Hooks Plugin Developer Handbook WordPress Developer ...

    Hooks are a way for one piece of code to interact/modify another piece of code at specific, pre-defined spots. They make up the foundation for how plugins and themes interact with WordPress Core, but they’re also used extensively by Core itself. There are two types of hooks: Actions and Filters.

wp_head Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    WordPress core uses this hook to perform many actions. Most of default actions into the 'wp-head' hook by WordPress core are set up in ...

apply_filters() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    This function can be used to create a new filter hook by simply calling this function with the name of the new hook specified using the $tag parameter. The function also allows for multiple additional arguments to be passed to hooks. …

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