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custom field - WP_Query - Order results by meta value ...

    Step 1 Assign whatever value you want to your meta key, let's call it my_meta_key, for each post to generate whatever order you want. Step 2 You set meta_key in your query to my_meta_key. This tells WordPress to query for posts that have that key. Step 3 Set orderby in your query to meta_value_num. This tells WordPress to not only query posts with my_meta_key, but to also order numerically by that …

wp query - Order by multiple meta key and meta value ...

    Then, you can use that keys in the order_by argument, with one: $q = new WP_Query ( array ( 'meta_query' => array ( 'relation' => 'AND', 'state_clause' => array ( 'key' => 'state', 'value' => 'Wisconsin', ), 'city_clause' => array ( 'key' => 'city', 'compare' => 'EXISTS', ), ), 'orderby' => 'city_clause', // Results will be ordered by 'city' meta values.

wordpress - WP_Query - filter by multiple meta values and ...

    ' ORDER BY ' . "featured.meta_value DESC, $wpdb->postmeta.meta_value $order" . $tmp_request_array2[1]; } //step 4 - explode assembled request again to say that featured.meta_key is = 'car_is_featured' $tmp_request_array1 = explode('GROUP BY', $request); $request = $tmp_request_array1[0] .

Ultimate Guide to meta_query of WordPress WP_Query

    So, for example, if you want to get a post with meta key show_on_homepage and meta value on, you can do it the following way: $rd_args = array( 'meta_key' => 'show_on_homepage' , 'meta_value' => 'on' ) ; $rd_query = new WP_Query( $rd_args ); Otherwise, if you need to query all posts except the ones with this pair of meta key and value, you can use the following parameters:

Sort posts by multiple meta values or meta keys ...

    Oct 14, 2014 · WordPress doesn’t let you sort posts by multiple custom field values or keys if you’re using a meta_query. With a filter in your (child) theme’s functions.php you can order the posts with a new query parameter meta_query_orderby. The new parameter can be used in WP_Queryand pre_get_posts. But as always there are some restrictions.

php - Wordpress Events Orderby Meta Value Date - Stack ...

    I had a similar problem, but I had to use 'orderby' => 'meta_value' instead of 'meta_value_num'. I think this is because ACF stores dates in the database as a string instead of a …

php - Wordpress orderby meta values in array - Stack Overflow

    If you want to sort the posts by the meta value in the exact order as in the above array, you can use a custom WP_Query parameter (to set the meta/sort values) and the posts_orderby filter to customize the ORDER BY clause, and in that clause, you would be using the FIELD () function in MySQL. Step 1

Multiple options for 'orderby' => 'meta_value ... - WordPress

    As WP_Meta_Query transforms meta_query clauses into SQL, it should store an array of the table aliases it creates, and they should get passed back to WP_Query When WP_Query builds ORDER BY out of orderby=meta_value, it should do some logic like this: meta_value corresponding to which column? For this, look at the meta_key query var

WP_Meta_Query Class WordPress Developer Resources

    if ( array_key_exists( 'value', $clause ) ) { $meta_value = $clause['value']; if ( in_array( $meta_compare, array( 'IN', 'NOT IN', 'BETWEEN', 'NOT BETWEEN' ), true ) ) { if ( ! is_array( $meta_value ) ) { $meta_value = preg_split( '/[,\s]+/', $meta_value ); } } else { $meta_value = trim( $meta_value ); } switch ( $meta_compare ) { case 'IN': case 'NOT IN': $meta_compare_string = '(' . substr( str_repeat( ',%s', …

Class Reference/WP Meta Query « WordPress Codex

    Interested in functions, hooks, classes, or methods? Check out the new WordPress Code Reference!

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