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How to limit WP_Query results to last X number of posts ...

    No, it will limit the query. The direct query from the above code is as follows: SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS wp_posts.ID FROM wp_posts WHERE 1=1 AND wp_posts.post_type = 'post' AND (wp_posts.post_status = 'publish' OR wp_posts.post_status = 'private') ORDER BY wp_posts.post_date DESC LIMIT 0, 5 – Ryan …

wp query - How to limit the posts - WordPress Development ...

    WordPress Development Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for WordPress developers and administrators. It only takes a minute to sign up. ... How to limit the number of posts that WP_Query gets? 1. How to limit WP_Query to one result on the loop? 0. WP_Query->request has a limit. 2.

Limit the number of posts via wpquery OneSpan Community ...

    We suppose that a category has 1000 posts, we can use the following code to show 10 posts per page and the wp pagenavi would present 100 pages with links of above 1000 posts. <?php query_posts($query_string."&showposts=10&orderby=date&order=ASC") ?>

WP_Query Class WordPress Developer Resources

    Top ↑ Category Parameters # Category Parameters. Show posts associated with certain categories. cat (int) – use category id.; category_name (string) – use category slug.; category__and (array) – use category id.; category__in (array) – use category id.; category__not_in (array) – use category id.; Display posts that have one category (and any …

WordPress Post Revisions: How to Disable or Limit Post ...

    Jun 11, 2020 · Limit WordPress Post Revisions define ('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 4); You can change the number (4) to any number. This number indicates the number of post revisions to store in your database.

query_posts() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    query_posts() is a way to alter the main query that WordPress uses to display posts. It does this by putting the main query to one side, and replacing it with a new query. To clean up after a call to query_posts, make a call to wp_reset_query(), and the original main query will be restored.. It should be noted that using this to replace the main query on a page can increase page loading …

Change Number of Results in Loop: Wordpress - PageCrafter

    If you want to limit or even make UNlimited the number of results produced by the WordPress loop, without starting a new wp_query, I have a solution for you. This will work on an results or archive page, anywhere the loop is used, including results for authors, custom taxonomies, custom post types, or categories.

get_posts() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Top ↑ More Information # More Information. The most appropriate use for get_posts is to create an array of posts based on a set of parameters. It retrieves a list of recent posts or posts matching this criteria. get_posts can also be used to create Multiple Loops, though a more direct reference to WP_Query using new WP_Query is preferred in this case. ...

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