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How to remove the link to parent pages when using wp_list ...

    Jul 08, 2010 · In WordPress 3.0 using the new menu tool you can create a “custom” top level link with a URL and then edit the link and remove the URL. This gives the same result as your article describes. See an example on a site I’m currently developing at http://oaklandbaptist.tgrayimages.com/

Remove wp_list_pages() Links for Parent Pages - bavotasan.com

    Jun 13, 2009 · <?php function removeParentLinks() { $pages = wp_list_pages('echo=0&amp;title_li='); $pages = explode("</li>", $pages); $count = 0; foreach($pages as $page) { if(strstr($page,"<ul>")) { $page = explode('<ul>', $page); $page[0] = str_replace('</a>','',$page[0]); $page[0] = preg_replace('/\<a(.*)\>/','',$page[0]); if(count($page) == 3) { $page[1] = str_replace('</a>','',$page[1]); …

wp_list_pages() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    By default, wp_list_pages() generates a nested, unordered list of WordPress pages created with the Write > Page admin panel. You can remove the outermost item (li.pagenav) and list (ul) by setting the title_li parameter to an empty string. All list items (li) generated by wp_list_pages() are marked with the class page_item.

How To Remove Hyperlinks From Post Title In Wordpress

    You can remove hyperlink from your title of post pages in WordPress. All you need to do is go to Appearance > Editor > single.php & you will see php codes there. I will recommend you to copy entire file to notepad and save it on your computer, so that if you do not like any changes or bymistake if you deleted any imp codes, you ca revert back the changes.

get_delete_post_link() Function WordPress Developer ...

    EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS ) ? 'delete' : 'trash'; $delete_link = add_query_arg( 'action', $action, admin_url( sprintf( $post_type_object->_edit_link, $post->ID ) ) ); /** * Filters the post delete link. …

How to Remove the Powered by WordPress Footer Links

    Dec 10, 2020 · Yes, it is absolutely legal to remove footer credits link on your WordPress site. WordPress is free, and it is released under the GPL license. In short, that license gives you the freedom to use, modify, and even redistribute WordPress.

Remove category link from post meta WordPress.org

    [This thread is closed.] Hey! I was just wondering if there is a simple way to remove the category link (displayed as ‘in Blog’) from the…

Remove These 10 Unnecessary Tags from WordPress Header (WP ...

    In order to remove the "left-over" shortlink token from the "Link:" response header. Apparently, when switching my servers over to use PHP-FPM, instead of MOD_PHP to output my site, my .htaccess directive: "Header unset link" NO LONGER WORKED!

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