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wp_footer Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    The wp_footer action is triggered near the tag of the user’s template by the wp_footer () function. Although this is theme-dependent, it is one of the most essential theme hooks, so it is fairly widely supported. This hook provides no parameters. You use this hook by having your function echo output to the browser, or by having it perform background tasks.

Using the wp_footer Action Hook to Modify Your Site’s ...

    The wp_footer action hook appears in almost every WordPress theme, so the code we run here will appear before the markup for the page has totally closed and been transmitted back to the client. Write your function (your_function_name ()) to generate your markup. Make sure that function echo s the markup.

wp_footer() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    function wp_footer() { /** * Prints scripts or data before the closing body tag on the front end. * * @since 1.5.1 */ do_action( 'wp_footer' ); } Expand full source code Collapse full …

Plugin API/Action Reference/wp footer « WordPress Codex

    Check out the new WordPress Code Reference! Plugin API/Action Reference/wp footer Languages : English • API/アクションフック一覧/wp_footer 日本語 ( Add your language )

admin_footer Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    The admin_footer action is triggered just after closing the <div id=”wpfooter”> tag and right before admin_print_footer_scripts action call of the admin-footer.php page. This hook is for admin only and can’t be used to add anything on the front end.

Action & Filter Hooks GlowLogix Action & Filter Hooks ...

    The function call has three parameters passed into it. wp_footer is the action hook tag/name, which tells WordPress what action hook this action is attached to. pdev_footer_message is the name of the function that should execute when the action hook is fired. PHP_INT_MAX is the priority of the action.

How To Use Action Hooks in WordPress - Total WordPress Theme

    Jun 05, 2020 · Action Hooks are a very useful tool in WordPress and they are used to perform functions (actions) in specific places of a theme or plugin. Many themes and plugins, such as Total, use action hooks as an easy way for users to modify the output of the project or to add their own custom code. 1. do_action, add_action & remove_action

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