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wpdb Class WordPress Developer Resources

    get_caller — Retrieves the name of the function that called wpdb. get_charset_collate — Retrieves the database character collate. get_col — Retrieves one column from the database. get_col_charset — Retrieves the character set for the given column. get_col_info — Retrieves column metadata from the last query

Using $wpdb and the WordPress Database Functions

    May 07, 2014 · Longevity: Even if WordPress’ table structure changes, the $wpdb functions will still work, while hard-coded queries will have to be rewritten. The Main $wpdb Functions. There are several ways to make a query through $wpdb. You’ve already seen two of the most important functions in the wpdb() class: prepare() and get_results(). They do pretty much what they say …

WordPress Database Functions - WP Engineer

    Oct 12, 2009 · $wpdb->insert( $wpdb->my_new_table, array( 'post_title' => $mytitle ) ); …you have to do it this way: $wpdb->insert( $wpdb->prefix . 'my_new_table', array( 'post_title' => $mytitle ) ); Hopefully people will find it useful. sebastien May 5, 2010 @ 4:18 pm. I insert a post with this function $my_post_name = "test3"; // check if title already exists in wpdb

wpdb::insert() Method WordPress Developer Resources

    Description # Description. Examples: wpdb::insert( ‘table’, array( ‘column’ => ‘foo’, ‘field’ => ‘bar’ ) ) wpdb::insert( ‘table’, array ...

Understanding and using $wpdb object in WordPress - Designmodo

    Nov 01, 2012 · function get_the_post_details($id) { global $wpdb; $query = "SELECT * FROM $wpdb->;posts WHERE ID = %d"; $post = $wpdb->;get_row($wpdb->;prepare($query,$id)); print_r($post); } Insert and update data using $wpdb

wpdb::prepare() Method WordPress Developer Resources

    147 rows · $wpdb->prepare( "SELECT id FROM wp_posts WHERE id > %d AND …

Using $wpdb object in Wordpress functions.php file - Stack ...

    Think of it as a way to define a variable in a function and set its value to whatever a variable with the same name is outside of the function. You need to move your global declaration INTO the function to make the $wpdb object in the Global scope available within the function's scope:

wpdb::escape() Method WordPress Developer Resources

    wp-includes/functions.php: _deprecated_function() Mark a function as deprecated and inform when it has been used. wp-includes/wp-db.php: wpdb::escape() Do not use, deprecated. wp …

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