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wpdb::delete() Method WordPress Developer Resources

    Browse: Home / Reference / Classes / wpdb / wpdb::delete() wpdb::delete( string $table , array $where , arraystring $where_format = null ) Deletes a row in the table.

How to delete a particular row in database table in ...

    You can use the $wpdb’s delete method: global $wpdb; $wpdb->delete( $wpdb->posts, [ 'ID' => 1 ], [ '%d' ] ); // the code above will delete the post with ID 1 // (this is just an example; if you need to delete a post, // use wp_delete_post() instead) It accepts the following arguments: Name of the table.

users - How to delete a particular row in a database table ...

    client side -> user click delete button/link. AJAX ->send this action from client side to server side to run php function delete corresponding raw from database . server side->function to delete raw from database $wpdb->delete() AJAX success ->hide this raw from client page and update this only part of page. check that link 

WordPress $wpdb->delete - WordPress $wpdb

    Mar 19, 2016 · March 19, 2016 By JRyven Example code for deleting a single row in a WordPress table by targeting one data: $wpdb->delete ('wp_table', // table to delete from array ('column1' => 123 // value in column to target for deletion), array ('%d' // format of value being targeted for deletion)); 1

wpdb Class WordPress Developer Resources

    DELETE Rows # DELETE Rows. The delete method is used to delete rows from a table. The usage is very similar to update and insert. It returns the number of rows updated, or false on error. delete( $table, $where, $where_format = null ); $table (string) (required) Table name.Default: None $where

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