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wp_title_rss() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    wp-includes/plugin.php: apply_filters() Calls the callback functions that have been added to a filter hook. wp-includes/feed.php: get_wp_title_rss() Retrieve the blog title for the feed title. wp-includes/feed.php: wp_title_rss: Filters the blog title …

get_wp_title_rss() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    function get_wp_title_rss ( $deprecated = '–' ) {. if ( '–' !== $deprecated ) {. _deprecated_argument ( __FUNCTION__, '4.4.0', sprintf ( __ ( 'Use the %s filter instead.' ), '<code>document_title_separator</code>' ) ); } return apply_filters ( 'get_wp_title_rss', wp_get_document_title (), $deprecated ); } Expand full source code.

What is RSS? How to use RSS in WordPress?

    Dec 03, 2018 · The acronym RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is sometimes referred to as the feed or RSS feed. In the early days of internet, if you wanted to keep track of updates on your favorite website, then you had to bookmark it and then manually visit to see if there were any updates.

How to Customize the RSS Feed on Your WordPress site

    Dec 19, 2020 · Last but not least, you will probably want to change the title of your RSS feed. If so, find the following line in the function you have c/p just a moment ago and change the title: wp_add_dashboard_widget ( 'dashboard_custom_feed', 'TITLE GOES HERE', 'dashboard_custom_feed_output' ); //add new RSS feed output.

wp_rss() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Display all RSS items in a HTML ordered list.

wp_title() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    function wp_title( $sep = '&raquo;', $display = true, $seplocation = '' ) { global $wp_locale; $m = get_query_var( 'm' ); $year = get_query_var( 'year' ); $monthnum = get_query_var( 'monthnum' ); $day = get_query_var( 'day' ); $search = get_query_var( 's' ); $title = ''; $t_sep = '%WP_TITLE_SEP%'; // Temporary separator, for accurate flipping, if necessary.

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