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wp_templating_constants() Function WordPress Developer ...

    function wp_templating_constants () {. define ( 'TEMPLATEPATH', get_template_directory () ); define ( 'STYLESHEETPATH', get_stylesheet_directory () ); if ( ! defined ( 'WP_DEFAULT_THEME' ) ) {. define ( 'WP_DEFAULT_THEME', 'twentytwentyone' ); } } Expand full source code. Collapse full source code.

WordPress constants overview - WP Engineer

    Dec 20, 2011 · In this article I have listed all constants which WordPress has by nature (except the deprecated ones). A constant is an identifier (name) for a simple value. As the name suggests, that value cannot change during the execution of the script. A constant is case-sensitive by default. By convention, constant identifiers are always uppercase. PHP docs

WordPress/default-constants.php at master · WordPress ...

    WordPress / wp-includes / default-constants.php / Jump to Code definitions wp_initial_constants Function wp_plugin_directory_constants Function wp_cookie_constants Function wp_ssl_constants Function wp_functionality_constants Function wp_templating_constants Function

TEMPLATEPATH (WordPress Constant)

    Nov 24, 2020 · WordPress lookup for TEMPLATEPATH, a WordPress Constant. wpseek.com is a WordPress-centric search tool for developers and theme authors.

wp_initial_constants() Function WordPress Developer ...

    function wp_initial_constants() { global $blog_id, $wp_version; /**#@+ * Constants for expressing human-readable data sizes in their respective number of bytes. * * @since 4.4.0 */ define( 'KB_IN_BYTES', 1024 ); define( 'MB_IN_BYTES', 1024 * KB_IN_BYTES ); define( 'GB_IN_BYTES', 1024 * MB_IN_BYTES ); define( 'TB_IN_BYTES', 1024 * GB_IN_BYTES ); /**#@-*/ // Start of run timestamp.

wp-includes/default-constants.php WordPress Developer ...

    Function: Defines cookie-related WordPress constants. Source: wp-includes/default-constants.php:223. Used by 0 functions Uses 2 functions

wp_ssl_constants() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    function wp_ssl_constants () {. if ( ! defined ( 'FORCE_SSL_ADMIN' ) ) {. if ( 'https' === parse_url( get_option ( 'siteurl' ), PHP_URL_SCHEME ) ) {. define ( 'FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true ); } else {. define …

Editing wp-config.php WordPress.org

    By default, WordPress will attempt to increase memory allocated to PHP to 40MB (code is at the beginning of /wp-includes/default-constants.php) for single site and 64MB for multisite, so the setting in wp-config.php should reflect something higher than 40MB or 64MB depending on your setup.

How to Create Custom Single Post Templates in WordPress

    Mar 28, 2020 · /* * Define a constant path to our single template folder */ define(SINGLE_PATH, TEMPLATEPATH . '/single'); /** * Filter the single_template with our custom function */ add_filter('single_template', 'my_single_template'); /** * Single template function which will choose our template */ function my_single_template($single) { global $wp_query, $post; /** * Checks for single template …

Easier Expression of Time Constants « WordPress Codex

    The following constants were added, and are now used throughout core: MINUTE_IN_SECONDS; HOUR_IN_SECONDS; DAY_IN_SECONDS; WEEK_IN_SECONDS; MONTH_IN_SECONDS; YEAR_IN_SECONDS; They are defined in wp-includes/default-constants.php, inside of wp_initial_constants(). Related. Ticked 20987

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