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wp_login Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    The wp_login action hook is triggered when a user logs in by the wp_signon () function. It is the very last action taken in the function, immediately following the wp_set_auth_cookie () call. This hook provides access to two parameters: $user->user_login (string) and $user ( WP…

WordPress Login Page Customization by filters, actions ...

    Reference: The login_enqueue_scripts hook is called just before the login_head action on wp-login.php file line 82 on wordpress version 3.1.1, and calling our function with this action will place our CSS inside login header tag. #login h1 a is used to identify the image anchor with CSS. Image Css Customization can be done with #login h1 a. 1.

login_url Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    The filter will not work for a browser URL like /wp-login.php. This can be useful in case you have a custom login form for subscribers, while administrators still login with the WordPress core login form when two-factor authentication is enabled. A custom login form like those of User Registration plugin will not work with 2FA.

wp_login - WordPress Hooks

    New Feature! Check differences between versions MENU WordPress Hooks

wp_authenticate Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    This action is located inside of wp_signon (). In contrast to the wp_login action, it is executed before the WordPress authentication process. This action hook is not to be confused with the wp_authenticate () pluggable function.

wp_login Wordpress hook details -- Adam Brown, BYU ...

    We find related hooks using word stems. wp_login has 1 significant word stem (s): login. Note that some of the hooks below may not appear in all versions of WP. Hooks with 1 identical stem. enable_login_autofocus. login_body_class. login_enqueue_scripts. login_errors. login_footer. login…

login - Is there a hook that runs after a user logs in ...

    The action hook wp_login runs when the user logs in - it can run a simple function. function do_anything() { //do stuff } add_action('wp_login', 'do_anything'); documentation : https://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Action_Reference/wp_login. The real breadwinner here is wp_authenticate which has a bit of documentation. It passes an array with the given …

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