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Wp-admin redirects to login page WordPress.org

    You also have to check off under Proactive security rules “Disable automatic redirecting to the login page when /wp-admin/ is requested by an unauthorized request”. It seems redundant, because if you want to blog wp-login, you sure as shit want to block wp-admin and instead use the custom URL.

wp_redirect_admin_locations() Function WordPress ...

    If a user visits example.com/admin, they’ll be redirected to /wp-admin. Visiting /login redirects to /wp-login.php, and so on.

3 Easy Ways to Fix WordPress Login Redirect Loop Issue

    Jun 17, 2020 · WordPress login redirect loop issue occurs when the platform keeps redirecting you to the wp-admin page even though you input the correct login credentials. Depending on its cause, there are three ways to solve the WordPress login redirect loop issue: clearing browser cookies and cache , restoring .htaccess file , and deactivating themes and plugins.

How to create a custom WordPress login redirect - Users ...

    Jul 26, 2019 · The WordPress login form is usually the path when you give users Dashboard access. In addition, this is the form they see if they try to access an admin page directly when logged out. This form has a built-in function to redirect users to their previous page after the login action.

wp_redirect() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php: wp_dashboard_setup() Registers dashboard widgets. wp-admin/includes/plugin.php: activate_plugin() Attempts activation of plugin in a “sandbox” and redirects on success. wp-admin/includes/post.php: redirect_post() Redirect to previous page. wp-admin/update-core.php: do_dismiss_core_update() Dismiss a core update.

Do not block redirect from wp-admin to changed wp-login ...

    After change wp-login page URl, plug-in do not block redirect from wp-admin to changed login page… As a result, new hiden address becomes KNOWN… Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

redirect - stop redirection on /wp-admin call to /wp-login ...

    Essentially, when admin page is being loaded, wp-admin/admin.php is being included. Inside this file there is a call to a function called auth_redirect () It checks, if user is logged in, and if not - redirects him to a login page. As this function is not a typical action/filter, it is kind of hard to disable it.

Wordpress wp-admin redirects to https - Stack Overflow

    So if you are having this issue only when you go to ../wp-admin then it is because you have force ssl admin set to true. You can find this in wp-config.php in the root of your WordPress site, you need to set this option to false.

How to Fix WordPress Login Page Refreshing and Redirecting ...

    If you had access to your WordPress admin area, then you could see this option under Settings » General page. If these URLs are incorrect, then WordPress will redirect you back to the login page. Now, since you are unable to access the WordPress admin area, …

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