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How to Set Expire Date for Widgets in WordPress

    There you will see all your currently displayed widgets in their respective sidebars. To set an expiration date for a widget, simply click on the edit link below the widget title. This will open the widget in the Dynamic Widget’s widget editor. Now you need to click on the date option and select No under ‘Show widget always?’ option. Below it you can set a display duration for the widget.

URL Expiry Plugins WordPress.org

    With this plugin, you can set posts to automatically “expire” after a certain time passes, or date is reached, and then what happens to those expired posts. You can choose to have posts automatically change state, say published to private or trash, which would make the posts unavailable to …

Expire Users – WordPress plugin WordPress.org

    This plugin allows you to set expiry dates for user logins. You can set a user to: Never expire (default) Expire in X days, weeks, moths or years; Expire on a specific date; When a user expires you can: Change the role of that user; Replace the user’s password with a randomly generated one; Send an email notification to the user4.8/5(25)

Add Expires Headers – WordPress plugin WordPress.org

    Dec 01, 2020 · To use this plugin do the following: 1) Firstly activate Plugin. 2) Go to plugin settings page. 3) Check Files types you want to have expires headers and also add respective expires days for mime type using input box and make sure you enable respective mime type,for which group of files you want to add expires headers.3.8/5(20)

How to Add Expires Headers in WordPress (Easy to Follow Guide)

    A great way to speed up your WordPress is to add expires headers to the configuration of your .htaccess file. What expires headers do is let your browser to cache the content on your website and put a time limit of when that content is requested. Only after the time expires …

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