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About Secunia Research Flexera

    Members of the Secunia Research team have discovered critical vulnerabilities in products from vendors including Microsoft, Symantec, IBM, Adobe, RealNetworks, Trend Micro, HP, Blue Coat, Samba, CA, Mozilla, and Apple. The team produces invaluable security advisories based upon the research of the vulnerabilities affecting any given software update.

Secunia Vulnerability Review 2014 - WordPress.com

    Secunia Vulnerability Criticality Classification. The criticality of a vulnerability is based on the assessment of the vulnerability’s potential impact on a system, the attack vector, mitigating factors, and if an exploit exists for the vulnerability and is being actively exploited prior to the release of a patch.

Reading the Secunia Vulnerability Review 2015Security Affairs

    Mar 27, 2015 · Secunia revealed that more than 83 percent of 15,435 vulnerabilities present in 3,870 applications was fixed by vendors when a flaw was publicly disclosed, a positive trend that reveals a marked improvement compared to the past. “The absolute number of vulnerabilities detected was 15,435, discovered in 3,870 applications from 500 vendors.

Secunia analyzed vulnerabilities in the Top 50 portfolio ...

    The total number of vulnerabilities in the Top 50 most popular programs was 1,208 in 2013, showing a 45% increase in the 5 year trend. Most of these were rated by Secunia as either ‘Highly critical’ (68.2%) or ‘Extremely critical’ (7.3%). In 2013, 2,289 vulnerable products were discovered with a total of 13,073 vulnerabilities in them.

Online WordPress Security Scan for Vulnerabilities WP Sec

    Over 75 million websites run on WordPress. Remarkably enough thousands of WP sites are vulnerable to attacks and get hacked each day. You can lose all your data, it can cost thousands of dollars, or worse, attackers might use your WordPress to target your visitors.Bots scan the web automatically for weak websites and hack into them within seconds.

9 WordPress Scanner to Find Security Vulnerabilities

    WordPress Vulnerability scan by Pentest-Tools is another tool leveraging WPScan and gives you the option to download the report in PDF format. Sample report here. It enumerates the plugin, theme, users, and fingerprint the WordPress version. WP Neuron. WP Neuron tool scan WordPress vulnerabilities in core files, plugins, libraries. It also enumerates weak passwords to test brute force attacks and scan all code to ensure none …

Wordpress Wordpress : List of security vulnerabilities

    WordPress version 4.9.8 and earlier contains a CWE-20 Input Validation vulnerability in thumbnail processing that can result in remote code execution due to an incomplete fix for CVE-2017-1000600. This attack appears to be exploitable via thumbnail upload by an authenticated user and may require additional plugins in order to be exploited however this has not been confirmed at this time.

Top 5 Wordpress Vulnerability Scanners

    Jul 24, 2018 · WPScan is one of the best vulnerability scanners for Wordpress and works like a charm from the terminal, where you can run remote vulnerability tests against your WP installations. Using WPScan allows you to analyze the security of your current WordPress website to: Detect known vulnerabilities in the WP core, as well as themes and plugins

5 Common WordPress Security Issues - iThemes

    Jan 27, 2021 · It’s important to note that WordPress security vulnerabilities extend beyond WordPress core into the themes or plugins you install on your site. According to a recent report by wpvulndb.com, of the 2,837 known WordPress security vulnerabilities in their database: 75% are from WordPress plugins; 14% are from core WordPress; 11% are from WordPress themes

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