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Which is better for Google Adsense: Blogger or Wordpress ...

    After you start your blogging career with blogger and once you got approved with Google adsense which is the very first platform of monetization then i recommend to switch to WordPress. Becuause,you are not willing to start a blog to make $100 or $500 per month but i should say you are here beacuse you want to target $5000 a month or even more.

The best blog platform for making money: Blogger vs WordPress

    Jun 22, 2018 · Blogger is a free service. You can start your blog without having to pay for a domain name and your account is free as well on the Blogger platform. You can however buy a custom domain if you want one. WordPress, on the other hand, requires you to use a web hosting provider to host your WordPress website.

WordPress vs. Blogger - Which one is Better? (Pros and Cons)

    Aug 18, 2020 · I’ve been with Blogger for many years, but have been considering starting a WordPress blog, on and off. The major reason why I don’t start the WordPress blog is that I won’t be able to use AdSense on the blog. as I do now with Blogger.

WordPress vs. BlogSpot: Which Is Better & Why?

    Mar 06, 2013 · AdSense is the lifeline for any blogger who is looking forward to making money from his blog. Initially, BlogSpot used to be the best way to get your AdSense account approved, but later on, it’s becoming tough to get your Adsense account with BlogSpot. With WordPress and your domain email address, getting your blog approved is very easy.

WordPress Vs Blogger: A Detailed Blog Platform Comparison ...

    Jan 26, 2021 · Blogger is great for beginners and casual bloggers. You can start for free and get a good understanding of what blogging is all about. But before you go too far on your blogging journey, then consider switching to WordPress. The WordPress.com free plan is also great for beginners and casual blogging. It’ll help you get the hang of the WordPress platform and blogging …

Blogger vs WordPress: Which is the best blogging site?

    Jan 20, 2020 · WordPress is the king when it comes to making money with your blog. You are entirely free to use any monetization strategy that you want. You can even use Google Adsense on WordPress. On Blogger, you rely more on Google’s integration with Google Adsense which is their advertising platform.

Wordpress or Blogger for an adsense site? You might be ...

    Blogger offers an adsense widget for EASY integration, good for newbies, but I recommend inserting your own adsense block into the code for the best CTR Good for set and forget sites! I built a site on blogger about 8 months ago (one of my first niche sites) and have not updated it since, I average about $650 per month off this site!

WordAds vs AdSense: Which one to pick for your website?

    Google has designed AdSense as a part of their Google Advertising Network. Every website or blog owner should have a degree of knowledge about this piece of software, as it is very important for monetizing the website or a blog. AdSense is known as the best piece of software to make or generate money online by displaying ads.

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