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wordpress - Visual/HTML Editor Issues with text and images ...

    If I have an image aligned to the right and am using WordPress Image uploader to replace an existing image, again the page format is messed up. The only way around this, is to have external html files where you make the changes and then copy and paste this back into the Page HTML Editor, which again defeats the purpose.

Ordered List Problem When Switiching between Visual Editor ...

    I create an ordered list in the Visual Editor. I switch to the HTML editor so I can add a paragraph of text (or an image) within the ordered list, but NOT inside a list tag. I return to the Visual Editor and notice something doesn't look right. I go back to the HTML editor and see that my ordered list is now all messed up.

Visual Editor not showing WordPress.org

    I compared 2 different sites’ tables. One site with a working Visual Editor (and updated to new WP version) and the new one not. In table <usermeta> of the “working site” I found record <rich_editing = true> for my user id. The new site did not have that one. After adding that record into the table the visual editor started showing up again.

Switch between page builder and visual view messes up page ...

    Regarding the visual editor tab, that sounds like the TinyMCE editor is filtering the HTML and is sadly to be expected. WordPress recommends using the text mode if formatting is important to you as changing modes could lead to formatting issues – reference .

Writing Code in Your Posts WordPress.org

    In HTML post editor, you can avoid this problem by wrapping the quotes with the <code>, <tt> or <pre> tags. Other solution is replacing quotes with their respective character entities, e.g. using: <code><p class=& #34;red& #34;></code> // Take off space between & and # instead of: <p class="red"> Note that in some older versions of WordPress, if you edited a page again …

How to Edit WordPress Code (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript)

    Aug 30, 2020 · If you want to add or edit the HTML of a WordPress page or post, you actually don’t need to access the source code of your website. In the Classic Editor, all you have to do is move from the Visual editor to the Text editor on the back end. This will show the HTML working behind the scenes:

WordPress line break not working: Quick solutions to keep ...

    May 22, 2017 · 1. Use empty classes in HTML Elements. You can make WordPress assume that your HTML elements contain certain attributes. This can be done by Adding attributes to the HTML elements with the use of empty classes. For example: Avoid writing: <p> <br> <span> Instead, write: <p class=""> <br class=""> <span class=""> 2. Disable Autop formatting

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