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WordPress with Varnish — Varnish Wiki documentation

    WordPress with Varnish WordPress is a one of the most well-known open source content management systems (CMS) existing today. If you have a WordPress site and want to implement a caching solution, Varnish may be right for you. Depending on the amount of traffic and the complexity of your WordPress theme, performance maybe lagging.

Varnish « WordPress Codex

    Varnish is a full-page cache and HTTP preprocessor which can be used to speed up requests for a WordPress site. Setting up Varnish is a technical task, as it requires installing and configuring a system package on a web server, rather than just installing a plugin. Here is an example default.vcl configuration for a WordPress site for Varnish 4.0. This assumes you have installed the Query String Varnish …

Varnish 4 VCL configuration for WordPress. Also allows ...

    Jul 17, 2020 · Varnish 4 VCL configuration for WordPress. Also allows purging · GitHub Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

How to Use Varnish With WordPress Elegant Themes Blog

    Jul 05, 2020 · To optimize Varnish for WordPress, we recommend making three small changes to your VCL file: Configure Varnish to ignore specific cookies. Exclude your WordPress admin and login pages. Extend the reverse proxy cache duration.

GitHub - JohnMcLear/Wordpress-Varnish-VCL: Wordpress ...

    Jun 14, 2015 · #Varnish Wordpress VCLs. Details here. Varnish 4 VCL # # This is an example VCL file for Varnish. # # It does not do anything by default, delegating control to the # builtin VCL. The builtin VCL is called when there is no explicit # return statement.

WordPress Varnish Cache Config / VCL – John McLear

    Oct 05, 2011 · Varnish Cache speeds up WordPress by serving pages from memory instead of doinmagicg a bunch of hard work. Why should I use this VCL? I have done a number of different VCLs that can be used with varnish and wordpress but this is the final revision for now.

A working Varnish 4 config for WordPress 4.4 – BigDino Blog

    Dec 17, 2015 · Adapting my extremely crufty Varnish 3.x config to Varnish 4 took most of a weekend. I found a great VCL3-to-4 script on github that did a lot of the heavy lifting, but there were a lot of little things to chase down and fix; the VCL syntax between versions 3 and 4 is juuuust different enough to cause headaches. One of the major stumbling blocks was adapting the WordPress configuration that …

Step-by-step: Speed Up Wordpress with Varnish Software

    Varnish uses the max-age parameter in the Cache-Control HTTP header to establish how long the content is considered fresh before contacting the backend again. Varnish will use 120 seconds by default if this value is missing or is equal to zero. To extend this period to one hour we could update /etc/varnish/default.vcl. sub vcl_backend_response

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