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wordpress - How do I declare a global variable in PHP I ...

    I think php session is one of the way to use as a global variable on Wordpress. 1. Functions.php. if(!session_id()) { session_start(); } 2. Any .php file where you want set or get global variables. get variable. if(isset($_SESSION['global_var'])) { $local_var = $_SESSION['global_var']; } set variable $_SESSION['global_var'] = "This is global var";

Templates + Shortcodes + Variables WordPress.org

    For anyone trying to retrieve data from a post field using Advanced Custom Fields, and then you need to create a new custom post template type and then you need to output a variable from one of the fields into a shortcode – you need to use ***get_field ()*** – NOT …

How to passing variables to get_template_part() In WordPress

    Jan 07, 2016 · When we create a WordPress theme then some times need to pass a variable to another template for some functionality and save time, reduce duplicate code purpose, but I have check this feature not available in get_template_part () function.This function doesn’t accept other arguments and not allow to passing variables.

How to add CSS variables to customize WordPress child themes

    CSS variables, also referred to as CSS custom properties, allow for easy reuse in your CSS stylesheets. If you’ve done work with WordPress child themes, you probably find yourself doing a lot of styling and overriding on things like color, padding, etc.

Passing variables to WordPress get_template_part ...

    Feb 01, 2016 · You can actually pass the variable to the next template scope by set the custom query variable again, cause load_template will extract new arguments and your first set_query_var will be at no existance. Just do it in the SAME scope where the load_template is in use. A smart way to do this “passing” is another thread.

get_template_part() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    How to passing variables to get_template_part() correctly: Wordpress + 5.5. 1- Setup variable $data = array( 'location' => 'slider', 'number' => 3 ); 2- Passing variable to get_template_part. get_template_part( 'templates/slider', 'full', $data ); //templates/slider-full.php . 3- …

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