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Wordpress var_dump in functions.php - Stack Overflow

    I need to do a var_dump in a custom function filter in WP but, where is the results shown? The code is working because I can see the search result structure difference from when the code is present...

get posts - var_dump and print_r cause white screen ...

    Feb 08, 2021 · 0. My template is very simple: get_header (); $new_p = get_posts (array ('post_type' => 'post', 'numberposts' => 6)); get_footer (); whenever I put var_dump ($new_p); or print_r ($new_p); below $new_p = get_posts (array ('post_type' => 'post', 'numberposts' => 6));, it gives me the white screen. Why on Earth would it do it??

PHP: var_dump - Manual

    require('Var_Dump.php'); // make sure the pear package path is set in php.ini Var_Dump:: displayInit (array('display_mode' => 'HTML4_Text'), array('mode' => 'normal', 'offset' => 4));?> then, instead of simply using var_dump($foo), use: <?php Var_Dump:: display ($foo);?> Read the documentation if you're looking for different output layouts. Cheers!

How to Debug WordPress Beyond the Basics • WPShout

    Debugging WordPress starts with WP_DEBUG, but can go far beyond that.In this article, we will: See how to write debug messages to a log file and where that file is located; Learn how to use the un-minified JavaScript and CSS core files for debugging purposes,

php - How do I print all POST results when a form is ...

    You can definitely use var_dump, but you mentioned you are in front-end development. I am sure you would know this, but just as a reminder, use Firefox's Firebug or Chrome's / Internet Explorer's developers tool and check for the post. Post goes through hearders, and you should be able to check it …

View all WP query variables WP-Mix

    Dec 22, 2016 · Micro Tip for the day: slice of PHP code for viewing all WordPress query variables. Very useful for figuring out custom loops and such. Just add this in any theme template file, for example just before the WordPress Loop: global $wp_query; var_dump($wp_query->query_vars); Check out View all WP Post variables to learn more. More tuts + trix on the way :)

post_type_supports() Function WordPress Developer ...

    The $feature variable in the function will accept the following string values: ‘title’. ‘editor’ (content) ‘author’. ‘thumbnail’ (featured image) (current theme must also support Post Thumbnails) ‘excerpt’. ‘trackbacks’.

get_the_category() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    To display a list of categories associated with a post, separated by commas, write this code: $cats = array(); foreach (get_the_category($post_id) as $c) {$cat = get_category($c); array_push($cats, $cat->name);} if (sizeOf($cats) > 0) {$post_categories = implode(', ', $cats);} else {$post_categories = 'Not Assigned';} echo $post_categories;

Global Variables « WordPress Codex

    WordPress-specific global variables are used throughout WordPress code for various reasons. Almost all data that WordPress generates can be found in a global variable. Note that it's best to use the appropriate API functions when available, instead of modifying globals directly.


    Continue with Google Continue with Apple. If you continue with Google or Apple and don't already have a WordPress.com account, you are creating an account and you ...

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