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Sort Wordpress Search by Relevance - Stack Overflow

    I've created a pretty advanced search for a Wordpress site I'm working on atm. Allowing visitors to filter results by different taxonomies, sort them by date or custom fields as well as the normal free text search (which WP offers by default). ... I seem to be able to sort by date, but trying to sort by my custom field results in the same order ...

WordPress - Sort Your Search Results by Relevance Rather ...

    Sep 04, 2008 · Search Reloaded, once installed and activated, will sort articles by relevance, so when I do the search mentioned above I get the expected results. The plugin does this by using the search algorithm in your MySQL database rather than the default WordPress search algorithm. The results aren’t perfect but are SO much better than what is provided in WordPress. Search Reloaded requires WordPress …

Search result in order of relevance, not ... - WordPress.org

    The request: An option to sort the search result in order or relevance, not in order of publish date, like right now. To implement this feature, a MySQL feature can be used, which MySQL support since several years. The SQL query of the search request has to be changed and a FULLTEXT index has to be added to the wp_posts table. With this changes, WordPress lists the results in order of relevance.

#7394 (Search: order results by relevance) – WordPress Trac

    Order search results by relevance, rather than by date. The ordering logic is as follows: Full sentence matches in post titles. All search terms in post titles. Any search terms in post titles. Full sentence matches in post content. Each section and any remaining …

JetSearch How to display search results by relevance in ...

    Arranging the search results by relevance with JetSearch plugin Step 1 – Firstly, check the existence and relevance of the necessary keywords in posts that you want to be shown. The keyword density helps you to set the order of the posts. It is significant to save the logical algorithm for relevant results.

Change default search results order WordPress.org

    By default WP sorts newest Posts at the top of search results. I’m using WP Posts as a Members list for a sewing referral group. The search results need to be in order of seniority, so the oldest posts need to appear at the top of the search results—the opposite of the default sort order.. In Settings/Relevanssi/Searching I see this, which looks like what I need, but there is no link for ...

How do I filter the search results order? - WordPress ...

    In the example below search results are ordered by post type in ascending order (e.g. page then post), and then ordered by post date in descending order. add_filter ('posts_orderby','my_sort_custom',10,2); function my_sort_custom ( $orderby, $query ) { global $wpdb; if (!is_admin () && is_search ()) $orderby = $wpdb->prefix."posts.post_type ASC, {$wpdb->prefix}posts.post_date DESC"; return …

Custom Results Order - SearchWP

    Using the Custom Results Order extension you can apply your own, hand curated influence on search results sets. SearchWP’s algorithm does a great job returning results based on relevance, but there are times when you may want certain entries to appear at the top of search results for specific search …

Results in Different Order WordPress.org

    Hi, Thanks for the great plugin. I use it in a few websites including this one. I’m struggling to understand why the dropdown ‘mini-list’ of results is in a different order from the results if I click to See More Results. Try searching for ‘red’. The results on the dropdown start with House Red, Barbaresco Valgrande and Meal Bundles 3.

Change search results order for Admin -> Appearance ...

    1 hour ago · How I can change the order of results? I need the same as on the page with Page list. On the Page list e.g. you have a parent page and 300 child pages for it. It means that you will see child pages over paginations without interruption of another parent page and its children. It's difficult to explain.

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