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How to minimize space between paragraphs? WordPress.org

    The extra space is where you hit Enter or something. It is extra line break tags ( <br> ), but not all paragraphs have them. You might prefer to use the Classic Editor plugin. Go into HTML or Text mode to remove the extra blank lines. mikehende.

Remove extra space between paragraphs in WordPress

    Holding shift down before you hit enter will remove extra space between paragraphs and start your next line directly beneath the last one! Geeky Explanation: When you hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard, WordPress automatically thinks you are starting a new paragraph, so it inserts a paragraph tag.

Fixing WordPress Paragraph Spacing (When the Visual Editor ...

    Mar 10, 2016 · What a WordPress post normally looks like in the editor is a mix of text and HTML (for links and images) with a blank line between paragraphs. WordPress normally handles these formatting chores automatically — it just doesn’t handle an attack of the divs very well. Properly formatted post in the WordPress editor.

How to fix paragraph spacing in Wordpress - Fiona ...

    Dec 07, 2017 · Either method can add those pesky extra spaces. To get rid of them, use the Text editor and between each paragraph you’ll see “ ”: Those are the extra line breaks and you just need to delete them so your text now looks like this: Next time you’re pasting your text into WordPress, hit the Paste as text button first.

Adding Spaces Between Paragraphs or Bullet Points in WordPress

    Oct 26, 2018 · Shift+Enter – Use the Shift Key and Enter Key for a single space between lines and avoid a paragraph (double line spacing). The Enter key is used as a way of saying “new paragraph.” The Shift – Enter combination is used in WordPress as a way of saying “new line, not new paragraph.

WordPress Strips Empty Blank Lines Which Effects Spacing

    Dec 13, 2008 · empty blank line / space paragraph paragraph. Here is how to add empty blank lines or spaces between paragraphs. Select HTML mode. Type in < p >< code >< br/ >< /code >< /p > without the spaces. Copy and paste on each line that you want to add a blank empty line or blank space between paragraphs or headings or ordered lists or whatever.

Creating a space between paragraphs in Wordpress - YouTube

    May 04, 2013 · Ever had a problem getting your wordpress content to look just right? You've put in a space on the visual tab, but when you view the page, there's no space ...Author: Adam McLaughlin

How do I Increase/Decrease the Space Between Paragraphs on ...

    Sep 02, 2019 · Changing the space between paragraphs is thus a matter of altering the top and bottom margins. For example, to increase the gap to 2em, add this to your style sheet: p {. margin-top: 2em ; margin-bottom: 2em ; } You can of course change 2em to whatever number that suits your purpose.

Make a line break instead of a paragraph » WordPress ...

    Here is a 2nd line of text in the same paragraph, but separated by a line break. Press the Shift and Enter (Return) key together to make a line break. Press the Enter key by itself to make a new paragraph. This section is only relevant if you are still using the Classic Editor.

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