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You Do Not Have Sufficient Permissions To Access This Page

    Jun 12, 2020 · The WordPress error You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page is typically encountered when trying to access the WordPress dashboard or admin pages after you have changed the WordPress database table prefix, or moved WordPress from one hosting provider to another, or just upgraded your WordPress.

Wordpress admin doesn't have permissions in wp-admin ...

    1. This issue is caused by WordPress table prefixes having been poorly renamed. Simply renaming table prefixes from old_ (the old prefix) to new_ (the new prefix) will screw up permissions, and users won't be able to access /wp-admin anymore (even admins).

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this ...

    When i try to reach /wp-admin i get following Error Message: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this admin page. Reason: There is a hidden menu item with the same URL (index.php) but a higher priority. Admin Menu Editor security log Current user can edit the admin menu. Current URL: "https://my-url.de/wp-admin/" The current menu item is "Startseite", menu template ID: …

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page ...

    Jan 25, 2019 · See the WordPress Roles and Capabilities page for details on capability levels. Hint: manage_network = Super Admin Network, manage_options = Administrator, edit_others_posts = Editor, publish_posts = Author, edit_posts = Contributor, read = Everyone. Each of the above cascades the rights upwards in the default WordPress configuration.

How to Fix Error 403 Forbidden - Access Denied on Wp-admin ...

    Mar 09, 2014 · The first step to solve this error is to check for proper permissions to WordPress files and folders. Normally, your folders (or call it directories) should have 755 permission and files should have 644 permission. Don’t forget to check your wp-config.php and wp-login.php for 644 file permission, and wp-admin folder for 755 permission. Check your .htaccess file. Web hosts …

Beginner's Guide to WordPress User Roles and Permissions

    Mar 01, 2019 · Let’s start by looking at each default user role and their permissions. 1. Administrator. On a regular WordPress install, Administrator is the most powerful user role. Users with the administrator role can add new posts, edit any posts by any users on the site, and even delete those posts. They can install, edit, and delete plugins as well as ...

How to Fix the 403 Forbidden Error in WordPress

    Mar 22, 2016 · You can generate a fresh.htaccess file by logging into your WordPress admin area and going to Settings » Permalinks page. Simply click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page and WordPress will generate a fresh.htaccess file. 3. Fix 403 Forbidden Error Caused by File Permissions in WordPress

How to Fix a 403 Forbidden Error on Your WordPress Site

    Dec 17, 2020 · If you cannot access your WordPress dashboard, you’ll instead need to connect to your WordPress site’s server via FTP/SFTP (here’s how to connect via SFTP at Kinsta). Once you’re connected to your server via FTP: Browse to the wp-content folder Find the plugins folder inside of the wp-content folder

WordPress You Do Not Have Sufficient Permissions to Access ...

    Jul 12, 2020 · But no matter what I did, I kept getting the dreaded WordPress “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page. I knew it was a database permissions problem, but I just couldn’t get the right combinations of tweaks to work.

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