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multisite - NGINX rewrite rules for sub subdomains ...

    I was wondering if it's possible to set-up an NGINX rewrite rule for a WordPress Multisite that redirects anyone using the following: www.sub.domain.com to sub.domain.com. The issue we seem to be having and our web host isn't being helpful with is that their free SSL certs don't cover sub subomains and so I'm wondering if we can set-up a rewrite/redirect that looks like this:

wordpress - Mapping subdomains to URLs with nginx - Stack ...

    server { listen 80; listen 443; server_name *.example.com; if ($host ~ "^(.*)\.example\.com$" ) { set $subdomain $1;} rewrite ^ $scheme://example.com/$subdomain/$request_uri permanent; } (as an aside: the regex ^ matches all url's the most efficiently, and the standard nginx variable $request_uri holds the uri including arguments so you don't need the (.*) group in the rewrite)

WordPress NGINX Rewrite Rules - Farinspace

    Nginx Rewrite Rule Breakdown. The first set of rules allow you to enforce “www” or enforce NO “www”, you will have to pick which you prefer and enable one or the other. Additionally, for those who may have subdomains, adding the subdomains to the list (if enforcing www) will safely exclude those subdomains from being redirected.

Setting Up WordPress Multisite with Subdomains and a ...

    Nov 17, 2020 · First: nginx Config for WordPress Multisite. Our “standard” nginx server block works really well for WordPress and we get great performance out of a socket connection to php-fpm. Our nginx rewrite rules, however, don’t anticipate the need to handle multiple subdomains that are subject to change over time.

Nginx Subdomain Wordpress Rewrite Rules - APC FPC - Slow ...

    Running on Ubunty 10.04 Nginx (one of latest) with Wordpress subdomain multisite using the plugin. APC i have latest version same with php, I am running 4 websites with almost no traffic (30 hits per day on each) and the cloud server with rackspace (2gig ram, basic model) seems 50% ram use is normal.

regex - nginx subdomain rewrite - Stack Overflow

    nginx subdomain rewrite. http://some-keyword.example.com to www.example.com/keyword.php?keyword=$some-keyword. while domain without www in front still rewrites to www.example.com and www isn't taken as a keyword.

WordPress NGINX

    WordPress¶. NGINX works perfectly well with a wide variety of applications, and WordPress is certainly one of them. NGINX’s configuration language is very powerful and straightforward if one is familiar with it, but often people coming from other servers are not sure how things work in NGINX and just copy and paste whatever they see from a blog that seems to fill their needs.

nginx SSL Subdomain Rewrite - YouTube

    nginx SSL Subdomain RewriteHelpful? Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/roelvandepaarWith thanks & praise to God, and with thanks to the m...

Nginx WordPress.org

    Since Nginx does not have .htaccess-type capability and WordPress cannot automatically modify the server configuration for you, it cannot generate the rewrite rules for you. Without modifications to your install, “index.php” will be added to your Permalinks.

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