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wp_xmlrpc_server::mw_newMediaObject() Method WordPress ...

    public function mw_newMediaObject( $args ) { global $wpdb; $username = $this->escape( $args[1] ); $password = $this->escape( $args[2] ); $data = $args[3]; $name = sanitize_file_name( $data['name'] ); $type = $data['type']; $bits = $data['bits']; $user = $this->login( $username, $password ); if ( ! $user ) { return $this->error; } /** This action is documented in wp-includes/class-wp-xmlrpc-server.php */ do_action( 'xmlrpc_call', …

How to Upload using Wordpress MetaWeblog.newMediaObject ...

    Nov 14, 2014 · Okay, lets begin the tutorial Upload using WordPress MetaWeblog.newMediaObject and IXR_Library 1. First , you need to download IXR_Library.php here. 2. Create new php file as upload_image.php, and put IXR_Library.php in the same folder with it. Don’t forget to put your image in your directory (In my example folder/image.jpg) 3.

#211 (MetaWeblog.newMediaObject support) – WordPress Trac

    The attached patch implements the MetaWeblog.newMediaObject method. It performs many of the same sanity checks that upload.php does. The patch will not allow a …

xmlrpc_call_success_mw_newMediaObject Hook WordPress ...

    Fires after a new attachment has been added via the XML-RPC MovableType API.

Patch: Improve error propagation from newMediaObject ...

    I'm attaching a proposed diff which addresses this. The diff is against /trunk/ as of today, but I would really love to see this integrated into the 2.1.x branch, because it will have a major impact on my customers' ability to debug MarsEdit interoperability with their WordPress blog. Daniel Jalkut Red Sweater Software

How to create new post with photo attached in WordPress ...

    Basically you have to: post the media (image) first Grab its URL include the URL of the image with a IMG tag in the body of your post. then create the post

XML-RPC MetaWeblog API « WordPress Codex

    metaWeblog.newMediaObject. Upload a media file. Parameters. int blogid; string username; string password; struct data. string name: Filename. string type: File MIME type. string bits: base64-encoded binary data. bool overwrite: Optional. Overwrite an existing attachment of the same name. (Added in WordPress 2.2) Return Values. struct string id (Added in …

XML-RPC/system.listMethods « WordPress Codex

    In WordPress specifically (as opposed to vanilla PHP), there is a class available that uses WordPress' built-in HTTP request wrapper instead of relying on direct cURL calls. To use this wrapper, your code instead becomes: <?php require ABSPATH . WPINC . "/class-IXR.php"; require ABSPATH .

How to Use the New WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg Tutorial)

    WordPress block editor is a totally new and different way of creating content in WordPress. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the new WordPress block editor and master it to create visually stunning blog posts and pages.

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