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menus - How to remove UL class in wp_nav_menu? - WordPress ...

    If you want to remove ul and div from the function wp_nav_menu (), you can use this code: if ( function_exists ( 'wp_nav_menu' ) ) { wp_nav_menu ( array ( 'menu' => 'main_nav', // main_nav means menu id 'container' => '', 'items_wrap' => '%3$s' ) ); } Share. Improve this answer. edited Dec 22 '15 at 7:45.

remove ul from wp nav menu wordpress - Stack Overflow

    I am using twenty thirteen theme. I am using wp_nav_menu to display menu items. I need to remove the container div and ul from wp nav menu. I tried this. wp_nav_menu…

Remove 'ul' and 'li' tags from WordPress menus while ...

    Remove ‘ul’ and ‘li’ tags from WordPress menus while retaining all the classes. I need to output a WordPress nav menu as a series of anchors surrounded by spans, within one nav element. Manipulating the args passed to wp_nav_menu () function will allow the <ul> element to be removed, and passing the output through ‘striptags’ can remove the <li> elements, but I end …

wp_nav_menu() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    However, it is not noted here that if you pass false as a value, the container is completely removed leaving just the ul menu element. wp_nav_menu(array( 'container' => false // Removes the container, leaving just the ul element ));

wordpress - Remove sub-menu span in wp_nav_menu - Stack ...

    I just found out that the easiest way to remove the span for the sub-menu items is with jQuery. Wordpress automatically adds the sub-menu class to the child ul and hence what worked for me was $('ul.sub-menu li a span').contents().unwrap(); Hope this helps. 

Remove LI Elements From Output of wp_nav_menu CSS-Tricks

    May 07, 2012 · You can remove or change the <ul> container that you get by default with wp_nav_menu ( codex) through parameters, but you can’t remove the <li> elements that wrap each menu item. This is how you can actually remove them: $menuParameters = array( 'container' => false, 'echo' => false, 'items_wrap' => '%3$s', 'depth' => 0, ); echo …

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