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How to Change a WordPress Multisite Primary Domain ...

    Jul 20, 2015 · You need to go to the wp#_options table, where # corresponds to the blog_id, and update the "siteurl" and "home" settings in that table. WordPress has different rules for different fields. The wp_site and wp_blogs tables can NOT have http:// or a trailing slash at the end of the domain name, whereas in the wp_options table, it is required to have the http:// at the beginning.

Switching primary site in WordPress Multisite - WordPress ...

    const MULTISITE = TRUE; const DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE = 'wp.tmp'; const PATH_CURRENT_SITE = '/'; const SITE_ID_CURRENT_SITE = 1; const BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE = 2; // This is the new root site ID const SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL = TRUE; At this point you have again a working WordPress multisite but with a new root site:

How to Switch Sub Site to Primary Site in WordPress Multisite

    Feb 04, 2018 · From the site cpanel > wp-config.php, we can see SITE_ID_CURRENT_SITE = 1, BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE = 1. 3. PhpMyAdmin. Go to phpMyAdmin open the database, check the file [name]_blogs, we can see the current settings blog_id are different. From here we know wordpress use this to define sub site in multisite.

View Blog ID in WordPress Multisite - WP Engineer

    Apr 05, 2011 · class Add_Blog_ID { public static function init() { $class = __CLASS__ ; if ( empty( $GLOBALS[ $class ] ) ) $GLOBALS[ $class ] = new $class; } public function __construct() { add_filter( 'wpmu_blogs_columns', array( $this, 'get_id' ) ); add_action( 'manage_sites_custom_column', array( $this, 'add_columns' ), 10, 2 ); add_action( 'manage_blogs_custom_column', array( $this, …

Change main website site url from http to https for Multisite

    He said that it seems that WordPress didn´t consider that the main page / parent page would change in any way. So it is the easiest way to return with the previous steps to a “normal site”, change the urls and then “activate” Multisite again. Hope it helps! See ya!

How to get blog name, when using Wordpress Multisite ...

    global $blog_id; $current_blog_details = get_blog_details( array( 'blog_id' => $blog_id ) ); echo $current_blog_details->blogname; Have a nice multisite! Share

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