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Installing Multiple WordPress Instances WordPress.org

    Let’s first look at the third type, multiple WordPress instances with multiple databases, because it has the same installation process as the single WordPress site except there are multiple sites. Multiple WordPress Instances with Multiple Databases # Multiple WordPress Instances with Multiple Databases. You’ll need a separate MySQL database …

Scaling Wordpress and MySQL on Multiple Servers for ...

    Jun 11, 2013 · This post is similar to our previous post on Drupal, Scaling Drupal on Multiple Servers with Galera Cluster for MySQL but we will focus on Wordpress, Percona XtraDB Cluster and GlusterFS using Debian Squeeze 64bit. Our setup consists of 5 nodes or servers: NODE1: web server + database server; NODE2: web server …Author: Ashraf Sharif

HyperDB « WordPress Codex

    HyperDB allows multiple servers to be configured and multiple routes to servers. If the first server can't be accessed the second server is tried, if that's down the third server, and so on. This allows for …

Is it possible to host wordpress database from other server

    When you set up WP, instead of "localhost", you'll put in the SQL server. you can export the current database, then you will create a database on another server, then instead of "localhost" (in the config.php ) you will put the IP address of the server and then the config.php will connect. // wp-config.php define ( 'DB_NAME', 'yourdbname' ); define ( 'DB_USER', 'yourusername' ); define ( 'DB_PASSWORD', 'yourpassword' ); define ( 'DB_HOST', '' ); // IP address of the server …

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