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[Multiple Category Selection Widget] Support WordPress.org

    How to publish posts to multiple categories from the front end. Started by: Thomas Roether. 1; 0; 6 years ago. Thomas Roether. Plugin not compatible with Booking system PRO. Started by: Ivanko123. 1; 0; 6 years ago. Ivanko123. RSS feed with AND category selection. Started by: saselberg. 1; 1; 6 years, 3 months ago. saselberg. can't select more ...

Multiple Select with wp_dropdown_categories wordpress

    wp_category_checklist() http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_category_checklist. You can define a custom walker and change the check-boxes to drop-down with multiple select.

Selecting Multiple Categories for a Post Using Wordpress ...

    The problem with duplication in wordpress doesn't come from multiple categories or multiple tags, its the post page vs any category vs any tag. In other words, your original content is on your post pages, and if they're listed on any category or any tag or any author page etc, you run the risk of duplication.

Change Category for Multiple Posts in WordPress learningcms

    Aug 23, 2017 · It will result in posts with multiple categories. Now go to Tools > Bulk Move. From Bulk Move Category screen, select temporary on the left side …

Multiple Category Selection Widget free WordPress plugin ...

    Multiple Category Selection Widget free WordPress plugin by Isaac Rowntree. Turn your WordPress post categories into a search powerhouse! This plugin gives you the ability to provide your users with a widget full of dropdowns based upon parent...

how to query multiple categories in wordpress? - WordPress ...

    I am trying to query multiple category in wordpress but no luck, I don’t see anything wrong with my code. ... set 1 to -1 to retrieve all posts from these two categories. You can also remove the posts_per_page parameter and replace it with nopaging=true to retrieve all posts. ... SQL query to select posts from multiple categories. 1.

Multiple Category Selection Widget WordPress Plugin ...

    Upon selecting the united states, the plugin searches for any says under that region, and shows the dropdown container for the claims under that country under the country dropdown. A variety of subcategories spanning multiple mother or father categories (though multiple classes in the single parent can’t be chosen) are really chosen and ...

Topic Tag: multiple-category-selection-widget WordPress.org

    [Multiple Category Selection Widget] [Plugin: Multiple Category Selection Widget] Broken. Started by: Stacy (non coder) 3; 3; 8 years, 10 months ago. amy3000 [Multiple Category Selection Widget] [Plugin: Multiple Category Selection Widget] Does not work : results are not filtered at all. Started by: aheli. 3; 2; 9 years ago. rcain

php - WordPress dropdown multiselect option - Stack Overflow

    According to the docs you would need to use wp_category_checklist () instead. However if you are in need of a dirtier solution this one should help: $dropdown = wp_dropdown_categories($args); $dropdown = str_replace('id=', 'multiple="multiple" id=', $dropdown); share. Share a …

How to Style Individual Categories Differently in WordPress

    Jun 22, 2017 · WordPress automatically adds CSS classes to different elements throughout your website. These include both the body class and the post class. For example, if you view a category archive page and then use the Inspect Tool, you will notice category and category-name CSS classes in the body tag. You can use this CSS class to style each individual category differently by adding …

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