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Wordpress multisite with subfolders and relative links

    A relative URL starting with a slash means, relative to the domain root, no matter what. – CBroe May 20 at 9:09 “So that when I copy over the pages, posts and menus from subsite A to Subsite B” - what exactly does “copying over” look like?

URLs for (MultiSite) link images are always relative

    The URLs of the links themselves are fine, it's just the URLs of the images of the links that are the problem. To be clear, I'm talking about images associated with WordPress links . In the case below, instead of the WP links using the image at /whatever/something.png , it will append the URL to the sub-blog, resulting in the invalid URL https ...

Should You Use Relative Internal Links in WordPress ...

    Aug 21, 2019 · You can add the following code to your WordPress functions.php to ensure that the internal link selector inserts relative URLs, and not absolute ones: function make_relative( $url, $post, $leavename ) { if ( $post->post_type == 'post' ) { $url = wp_make_link_relative($url); } return $url; } add_filter( 'post_link', 'make_relative', 10, 3 );

How to Make Internal Links Relative in WordPress ...

    Apr 26, 2016 · A relative link on the other hand assumes that the domain name is the same as the one we are currently on. As a result, it starts with a “/” – and it will work no matter which domain your site sits on. To ensure that WordPress uses relative links to your internal content instead of absolute ones, open up your functions.php file and paste the following at the bottom before the closing ?> PHP tag:

Using relative URLs in WordPress – Deluxe Blog Tips

    Jun 06, 2012 · It’s wp_make_link_relative. The function is in /wp-includes/formatting.php file. Here it is: function wp_make_link_relative( $link ) { return preg_replace( 'https?://[^/]+(/.*)i', '$1', $link ); } Pretty simple. What it does is removing protocol and domain name from the absolute URLs (without using home_url). Making WordPress relative URLs

Multisite links and permalinks WordPress.org

    1. I run a multisite setup. My Google previews show the name of the parent site ie parent/individual site. I thought SmartCrawl worked with multisites and would reduce the url to the individual site? 2. Since the update to WordPress 5, something also appears to have gone wrong with my permalinks.

Setup WordPress to Respond to Multiple Site URLs ...

    Jul 23, 2011 · Have you ever encountered a case where you want to access your WordPress site from multiple site URLs (for example a local URL and an external URL, or multiple external URLs)? Solution. Change the Site URL and Home URL to a relative URL, making the …

How to Install and Set Up a WordPress Multisite Network ...

    Dec 14, 2020 · If you’re a WordPress user, you’re likely familiar with the power and flexibility this content management system (CMS) offers. However, when you have multiple WordPress sites, managing them individually isn’t necessarily the most efficient or effective approach.. In many cases, it makes more sense to create a WordPress Multisite network, especially if there are overlapping similarities ...

get_site_url() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Notifies the Multisite network administrator that a new site was created. wp-includes/link-template.php: get_admin_url() Retrieves the URL to the admin area for a given site. wp-includes/link-template.php: site_url() Retrieves the URL for the current site where WordPress …

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