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multisite - How to get current site id? (WPMU) - WordPress ...

    First of all check whether user belong from current site by using <?php is_user_member_of_blog( $user_id, $blog_id ); ?> After you get id of user create user role $user = new WP_User( $user_id ); if ( $user ) { $roles = $user->roles; and in last create posts for every user by adding role in args. not tested but i'll do trick for you.

get_sites() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    wp-includes/ms-functions.php: get_blog_id_from_url() Get a blog’s numeric ID from its URL. wp-includes/ms-load.php: get_site_by_path() Retrieves the closest matching site object by its domain and path. wp-includes/ms-blogs.php: get_id_from_blogname() Retrieves a sites ID given its (subdomain or directory) slug.

WPMU Functions/get current site « WordPress Codex

    Description. Returns an object containing various information relating to the current network.. Note: get_current_site() was inherited from MU, and is named based on the old terminology which spoke of multiple "blogs" on a "site". We now speak of multiple "sites" on a "network" instead, but some of the old terminology still lives on in some function names.

View Blog ID in WordPress Multisite - WP Engineer

    Apr 05, 2011 · When you work quite a bit with WordPress Multisites, sometimes you need the IDs for some functions or Plugins. The easiest way is via the hover effect with your mouse or you use a little code snippet to add a column with the ID in the table view. The following code belongs into a Plugin and should be placed in the folder mu-plugins.

get_current_blog_id() Function WordPress Developer ...

    wp-includes/functions.php: get_main_site_id() Gets the main site ID. wp-includes/ms-blogs.php: clean_site_details_cache() Cleans the site details cache for a site. wp-includes/ms-site.php: get_site() Retrieves site data given a site ID or site object. wp-includes/general-template.php: has_custom_logo() Determines whether the site has a custom logo.

get_site_url() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    function get_site_url( $blog_id = null, $path = '', $scheme = null ) { if ( empty( $blog_id ) ! is_multisite() ) { $url = get_option( 'siteurl' ); } else { switch_to_blog( $blog_id ); $url = get_option( 'siteurl' ); restore_current_blog(); } $url = set_url_scheme( …

How to Setup WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping

    Jan 19, 2021 · If you need to run a manual search and replace to switch your domain, check out our knowledgebase article on how to use our search and replace tool in MyKinsta.. Step 3 – Update wp-config.php File. The next step is to update your wp-config.php file and add/update a few variables. The wp-config.php file is typically located at the root of your WordPress site …

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