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wp_nav_menu() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    This class is added to menu items that correspond to taxonomies: i.e. categories, tags, or custom taxonomies. Top ↑ Current-Page Menu Items # Current-Page Menu Items.current-menu-item This class is added to menu items that correspond to the currently rendered page. Top ↑ Current-Page Parent Menu Items # Current-Page Parent Menu Items

wordpress - How to add "active" class to wp_nav_menu ...

    add_filter('nav_menu_css_class' , 'special_nav_class' , 10 , 2); function special_nav_class ($classes, $item) { if (in_array('current-menu-item', $classes) ){ $classes[] = 'active '; } return $classes; } More on wordpress.org: Highlight Current Page in WordPress 3.0 Menus; Adding .active class to active menu item

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    The key is in the class name: .current_page_item. That class is added by wp_page_menu(), whereas wp_nav_menu() adds .current-list-item. What that means is that wp_nav_menu() is outputting its fallback menu, and not a user-created custom nav menu. Ensure: Custom nav menu Theme Location is registered via register_nav_menu() or register_nav_menus()

Wordpress Tutorial – Current & Parent Menu Items In Custom ...

    The 2 important CSS classes that the Wordpress menu system uses are: current_menu_item – used to identify the link representing the current page; current-menu-parent – the class given to the parent li tag of the current_menu_item

Customize which menu item is marked active - Bill Erickson

    Jul 29, 2015 · Luckily WordPress provides a filter for that: nav_menu_css_class. The filter includes four parameters: $classes (array) – the current CSS classes on the menu item $item (object) – the current menu item object $args (array) – the arguments for the current menu (what was passed to wp_nav_menu()) $depth (integer) – the menu item’s depth in the menu

customization - Current menu item - WordPress Development ...

    I'm trying to figure out why my text is not showing white as it should. I'm overriding bootstrap.min.css in style.css the current-menu class in Wordpress, but no success. It highlights the right tab, but the text color is not changing.

How to Add Active Class to a Navigation Menu Based on URL

    Mar 01, 2015 · Incase your WordPress Theme doesn’t support it yet, you can add the following script to your functions.php and use the .active CSS Class to style the current navigation item. add_filter('nav_menu_css_class' , 'special_nav_class' , 10 , 2); function special_nav_class($classes, $item){ if( in_array('current-menu-item', $classes) ){ …

How to Style WordPress Navigation Menus (Updated)

    Jan 02, 2020 · These classes allow you to customize your navigation menu even further. // Class for Current Page .current_page_item{} // Class for Current Category .current-cat{} // Class for any other current Menu Item .current-menu-item{} // Class for a Category .menu-item-type-taxonomy{} // Class for Post types .menu-item-type-post_type{} // Class for any custom links .menu-item-type-custom{} // Class for the home Link …

How to style a WordPress navigation menu bar using CSS ...

    Jun 10, 2019 · .current-menu-item: Menu items that correspond to the currently viewed page (so in our example we just opened the homepage as “Home” contains this class). .current-menu-ancestor: Menu items that are ancestors (parents, grandparents) of the menu item which corresponds to the currently rendered page.

(Bug) Menu items set with ‘current-menu-item’ CSS class ...

    Hi! I’m just checking a client site that displays many highlighted items in the menu as current item when they are not. I’ve had a look at the code and I have …

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