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media_upload_{$type} Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    Description # The dynamic portion of the hook name, $type, refers to the specific media upload type. Possible values include ‘image’, ‘audio’, ‘video’, ‘file’, etc.

How to Hook into the Media Upload Popup Interface

    This plugin tries to simplify some of the image attachment functions in the existing WordPress Media Library. There are several key limitations in the current WordPress (2.8) Media Library including - Awkward to attach groups of images to a post. Difficult to …

media_upload_tabs Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    Defines the default media upload tabs wp-includes/media.php: wp_enqueue_media() Enqueues all scripts, styles, settings, and templates necessary to use all media JS APIs.

media_upload_{$tab} Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    Description # The dynamic portion of the hook name, $tab, refers to the specific media upload tab. Possible values include ‘library’ (Media Library), or any custom tab registered via the …

Media upload finished hook - WordPress Development Stack ...

    It is in https://github.com/WordPress/WordPress/blob/3.4-branch/wp-admin/async-upload.php file. It is upload_files_{$tab} and it is used near the end of the file. If I were you I check this hook in my plugin for more information.

upload_mimes Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    Filter the upload mime types to allow JSON files. <?php /** * Allow JSON file uploads to WordPress media library. * * Filters the uploads mime types to allow JSON files.

wp_handle_upload_prefilter Hook WordPress Developer ...

    When you upload Media from your WordPress admin dashboard, wp_handle_upload is called once for each file the user specified. wp_handle_upload_prefilter is an admin filter that is called by the wp_handle_upload function.

uploads - Saving Media - Which Hook is Fired? - WordPress ...

    add_action('admin_init', 'redirect_after_media_save'); function redirect_after_media_save() { global $pagenow; // when visiting the upload screen, we save the number of attachments if ( $pagenow == 'media-new.php' ) { $attachments_before = array_sum((array)wp_count_attachments()); update_option('count_attach_before', $attachments_before); } if ( $pagenow == 'upload.php' ) { // we are on media library page // get attachments count before and after upload …

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