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How To Optimize WordPress Performance With MySQL ...

    May 21, 2014 · The slave will be configured to replicate all of the databases of your master MySQL server, including your WordPress database. On mysql-2 , install the MySQL software: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install mysql-server

HyperDB « WordPress Codex

    Replication Replication involves having one database server act as the master (the central copy of all data) and other servers act as slaves (each with a copy of the data). All the database writes must go to the master server, but database reads can be sent to slave servers, thus spreading the …

MySQL Configuration to Set Up Master-Slave Replication

    Our Use-Case of Master-Slave Replication is For WordPress. Master-Slave Replication For WordPress Makes it Fail-Proof to WordPress Database Errors Making the Website Fully Unreadable (which we have discussed in our article on Difference Between Standalone Database and Distributed Database).The main reason for so much discussion is for one big reason – the master MySQL …

Master/slave – Master's musings

    Posts about Master/slave written by charonfox. In an attempt to overcome things I mentioned in my last blog post I will begin to tackle my favourite thing: a question from a reader. In particular, I was asked about how one would go about to start a power exchange relationship.

load balancing - Wordpress MySQL replication logins ...

    As you are using Master/Slave then don't allow writes on the slave MySQL DB and set it to read-only. You can also configure only master DB as DB_HOST in the wp-config.php or use HyperDB WP plugin to send read-only traffic to the slave DB.

Master-slave relationship – Mistreatment: Sexual abuse ...

    Jan 03, 2018 · Therefore, slave owners often raped them because this took away the slaves’ privacy, dignity, and every ounce of control that they previously had over their body. Rape was a meant to be a punishment to the slaves and a leisure for the masters, a more effective way to ensure that a slave would comply with what the master desired.

The Contract – Belonging to Master

    i. MASTER has the right to treat SLAVE any way he wants. ii. MASTER has the right to do anything he wishes to SLAVE at any time. iii. MASTER has the right to punish SLAVE for any misconduct as he sees fit, this punishment is not limited by SLAVE limits or safe word. iv. MASTER has the right to terminate this contract at any time in writing.

masterofslaves.wordpress.com - Site Title

    Oct 17, 2017 · This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post.If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

cheekyslave my submissive journal/thoughts and ...

    Mar 08, 2016 · Master gave me two paddles to be able to spank with….both wooden and stingy! one is reserved for His slave’s ass and the other called the ‘devils tongue’ we found is very good for spanking His slave’s cunt….these were some of the first presents Master got me…i love spanking for Him and He knows how it makes me ache and get so wet ...

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