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SEO - The Difference Between Keywords & Tags

    Unlike tags, you don’t want to make up keywords on your own. You want to choose keywords that are relative to your blog’s niche that people are searching for. There are many free keyword tools that allow you to enter in different search terms and …

How to Use WordPress Categories, Tags -- and "Keywords"

    Jul 29, 2020 · Keywords or keyphrases are not categories or tags. Categories are not sentences. Tags are not phrases. In almost every case, when site owners are left to their own devices, their SEO obsession kicks in.

Keywords Versus Tags « Lorelle on WordPress

    Mar 17, 2006 · To emphasize: meta keyword tags tell search engines what is on your page, while tags (via UTW and JKW) make finding content easier on your site by assigning keywords to each page that describe it in someway. You may have noticed: there is very little difference between meta keywords and tags.

WordPress Categories vs Tags: What You Need To Know To ...

    Feb 12, 2019 · How WordPress Counts Tags and Categories Together. Although tags and categories are different, the WordPress Reader counts them both as the same when displaying your post, showing only 15 tags and categories. Your WordPress categories and tags, therefore, are pooled together so that you cannot spam. WordPress Categories vs Tags: Which Should …Reviews: 3

Difference Between Tags and Keywords Difference Between

    1.Keywords are actually part of the content but not tags. 2.Keywords are seen in all web content while tags are seen mostly in blogs. 3.Tags are used for organizing similar content in a site while keywords are not. Author.

Keywords Vs. Tags Celebrating Independent Authors

    Jul 01, 2014 · The incredibly simplified answer to the question is: keywords are used to find things via search engines; tags are used to find things within your own blog. So, you would use keywords to help label your article so when people search on Google, they hopefully use the words in your article (or in your article’s keyword Metadata).

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