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How And Why To Create User-Specific Content On Your Site

    What is user-specific content? User-specific content is content that gives your site a more personalized user experience without you having to spend too much time or money creating a different version of your site, different pages, or different systems. It’s essentially content served to users based on their interests or actions.

Access on specific pages in wordpress for a specific user ...

    Grab the the post id being editted, check to make sure it's a page. Then, grab the current user with wp_get_current_user and get the pages they are allowed to edit with get_user_meta. If the current post ID isn't in the array of pages they're allowed to edit, call wp_die and kill the page.

Creating WordPress Private User Page and Member Portal ...

    Jun 21, 2018 · So we add a key called wp_private_page_user_id and assign the ID of the user for this page. Finally, you should add the content for that user and hit the Publish button. Now private page is created for a single user. The next task is to make sure that only assigned user can access the contents of this page.

Client Portal – Private user pages and login – WordPress ...

    The WordPress Client Portal plugin creates private pages for each user. The content for that page is accessible on the frontend only by the owner of the page after he has logged in. The plugin doesn’t offer a login or registration form and it gives you the possibility to …4.2/5(16)

How to Restrict WordPress Pages by User Role

    Oct 24, 2017 · Restricting WordPress Pages by User Role By default, WordPress comes with a limited set of tools to restrict content on your website. You can create private and password protected posts, but these features don’t allow you to limit access by user role. Luckily, there are several WordPress plugins that allow you to do just that.

How to Restrict WordPress Page Access by User Roles - PPWP Pro

    Apr 10, 2020 · How to Restrict WordPress Page Access by User Roles. Head to Plugins and click Add New in your WordPress dashboard. Type “ password protect page ” in the keyword box. Install and activate the plugin. Edit your desired page or post in Pages and Posts sections. Enable the “Password Protect WordPress” ...

Managing user specific content in a WordPress membership site

    You want a direct relationship with each, with an ability to give them specific content or let them share with you something that isn't for public consumption. You need a special part of your site that is only available to you and that member. A user-specific page, just for them, that's created automatically on your site. There's good news

How to create and manage private pages in WordPress ...

    Nov 02, 2018 · Private pages in WordPress allows you to create pages that only certain type of users can access them. Now generally, when we create content in WordPress is with the goal to share something with our audience.

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