Blogging has become well known for its potential to draw traffic to your website while strengthening customer relationships and brand loyalty. WordPress has become well known for its simplicity and large development community. The following Managed WordPress Web Hosting providers will assist you in your blogging endeavors by providing WordPress Hosting, support and administration services.

Almost 70% of the websites are powered with WordPress, and a lot of managed hosting service are focused on it. These dedicated hosting solutions are paired with top-tier hardware and software combination built for the ultimate WordPress experience from speed to security. If you have a WordPress powered site, you might want to check out this Top WordPress Hosting Reviews.

WordPress is state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. It is Free, open-source and licensed under GNU GPL license. Created in PHP, uses MySQL for data storage of settings and content. WordPress can be used to create blogs or websites. It offers features like blog posts, static pages, user system, RSS feeds, trackbacks/pingbacks, comments, plugins for extending features, theme system for templates (separates design from code). Particularly the plugin system is great, there are tons of free plugins available that can make your site/blog do almost anything you’d like. There are also tons of free and paid themes available on the internet.