Do you know that the WordPress theme/plugins combo is a major factor for website visitor retention? That’s right – while a great WP theme will nudge visitors in the direction of your website, the right plugins will make them stay and ultimately – convert!

At Simply WordPress, we develop WP plugins that cater to the specific needs of your business. If you are an e-commerce store, we will create plugins that will enable your e-customers to shop more conveniently and efficiently.

High-quality time-saving plugins boost user experience (UX) – if your website provides outstanding UX, visitors will always choose it over other websites.

That’s exactly what our WP plugin development service is all about!

Custom WP plugin development

WordPress is highly customizable and allows for the development of plugins for many different applications. What you need is a team of seasoned code artists to develop top-notch plugins that suit your specific requirements!

Simply WordPress provides unparalleled WP plugin customization. We cash in on all the possibilities the WP platform can provide and develop plugins that work smoothly on a given WP theme.

User-friendly plugin interface

The talented team at Simply WordPress goes a step further in making your daily work routine more efficient. With our WP plugins, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to WordPress or an advanced WP user – all the plugins we develop are client-friendly and easy to use.

WP plugin testing and validation

At Simply WordPress, we never improvise on a whim. While we develop fully customized WP plugins, we make sure they can pass validation by WordPress. We build up on the core WP files and add the functionalities you need.

Compatibility with the latest WP updates

Follow-up maintenance is part of our WP plugin development service. With each new WordPress version or update, we’ll make sure your plugins are ‘’ up to code’’. Regular updates enable the plugins to perform without a hitch.

Our team is on the ball 24/7 and you can be sure that nothing slips under our radar. If there is so much as a glitch, we fix it right away so your website can keep bringing you profit!

Bankable for short-deadline projects

Our team of versatile coders is ETA-conscious and delivers ON TIME – EVERY TIME. This is what makes us the go-to choice for short-deadline projects. Our team has the know-how and experience to develop custom plugins and integrate them into any WP theme you throw their way!

With custom WP plugin development and continuous updates, you get:

  • an interactive online platform that keeps the visitors engaged
  • functionalities in the service of your business (some plugin solutions can apply to different businesses, but not all of them!)
  • plugins optimized for operation across different mobile and desktop devices
  • & much more!

Coding is second nature for WP-savvy cats at Simply WordPress. Our custom WP plugins will make your customers vote with their wallets. Contact us today!