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Empty space between embedded video and ... - WordPress.org

    The added space is this stuff within the Video Player’s code: <div class="vp-player-layout" style="left: 0px; right: 0px; top: 101px; bottom: 101px;"> It looks like it’s coming from Vimeo’s video player code. Since this is also contained within an …

How to Add Spacing in Wordpress for HTML and Visual Editors

    We would add a period (.) in between the paragraphs and highlight that period, make the font white so it appears as nothing on the actual live page. Ultimately, I found out that in the Visual Editor, only 1 space is allowed. You can do this with either Enter or Space+Enter. Either way, only one space between block of text is allowed.

How to Add a Line Break in WordPress (New Line Spacing)

    Apr 27, 2014 · This will launch the WordPress theme customizer where you need to click on the ‘Additional CSS’ tab from the left column. In the custom CSS box you need to add the following CSS code: 1. .post p {line-height: 1.5em;} The CSS rule shown above will change the line spacing …

Giant space above all Youtube video in Posts · Issue ...

    Sep 22, 2018 · Go to 'ALL POSTS.'. Click on 'EDIT' A POST YOU KNOW HAS A YOUTUBE VIDEO. Scroll down to 'YOUTUBE VIDEO BLOCK'. You CAN'T SEE the error in the actual Post Edit, but you can see the giant space when VIEWING the post. Expected behavior. There should be reasonable space around the Youtuve video. Screenshots.

WordPress White Space: Getting More Breathing Room on Your ...

    May 17, 2014 · Adding Space above the Header & Below the Footer. As usual, your theme may be different, and so you might have to search around a little and play with things to find the right element. That said, you might try looking for the “body” element. Then you can add “margin-top” and “margin-bottom” elements.Reviews: 2

How to remove white space between images on wordpress ...

    I have been searching for a while trying different methods to try and remove white space between my images on the home screen on my mobile version. It only occurs on my mobile version. My url for the site is below: https://athleteperks.co.uk. I also have a thin small white gap between two images on my home screen which wold also be great to remove.

Why You Should Never Upload a Video to WordPress

    Jan 13, 2021 · Adding videos to your website is a smart way to capture your visitor’s attention and boost conversions. But adding videos to your site can take up a lot of storage space and bandwidth, increasing your hosting costs and creating a bad experience for your visitors.

Space betweeen lines wordpress tips

    https://wpbtips.wordpress.com/ Space between lines (“leading”) <div style="line-height:1.4em;"> TEXT HERE </div> This code may also be needed in conjunction with some other codes, to restore normal line-spacing in case those other codes happen to disrupt it; see “Note on coding” here.

WordPress Image Positioning, Spacing & Alignment Web ...

    Feb 07, 2021 · This shouldn’t be an issue in more recent versions of WordPress, but if you’re using an older version, you’ll need the following solution. What you have to do is fill that space around the image (or at least make it look that way to WordPress). If you don’t have any more text to fill the space, the best way is to use the Spacer plugin. It actually has code in it that will …

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