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Evolutionary History – Snow Leopard

    What did snow leopards evolve from? The snow leopard evolved 62-63 million years ago, from an animal called the Miacids. The Miacids went extinct around 29 million years ago. Evolving after the …

Snow Leopard – By Monty Hamm

    Oct 31, 2016 · Picture Of Snow Leopard!! Hello, Strangers! Welcome to my website of the Snow Leopard. The Snow Leopard lives in the mountains of Central Asia. The leopard has thick hair protecting itself from the cold and has fur-covered feet, which acts like natural snowshoes. Snow Leopards …

Snow Leopard Irishkanam92's Blog

    The snow leopard is a predator with length of one and a half meter. They have a beautiful, smoky-grey spotted fur, powerful legs and a bushy long tail. It is the only cat species which lives their life …

Habitat-Range – Snow Leopard

    The snow leopards live in the cold alpine tundra biome. Their habitat is rocky, cold and sometimes mountainous. Since the temperature is below freezing, it makes it very hard for plants or any …

Why Endangered – Snow Leopard

    According to the IUCN Snow leopards are endangered, there are only 4,080-6,590 left in the whole world. There are several reasons why snow leopards are endangered. Snow leopards are often killed by local farmers because they prey on livestock such as sheep, goats, horses, and yak calves. The animals which snow leopards …

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