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How to get parent category name in WordPress? - Corpocrat ...

    Oct 31, 2008 · Here is the wordpress code to display parent category name. Its a very simple code but did the job for me. You can insert inside header.php if you want to change titles in wordpress. This is how it works. First it gets the category name of wordpress post, and from it gets the Category ID of its parent then it gets the parent name with get_cat_name() function.

single_cat_title() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Description # Description. Useful for category template files for displaying the category page title. The prefix does not automatically place a space between the prefix, so if there should be a space, the parameter value will need to have it at the end.

Wordpress - How To Get Parent Category ID - Stack Overflow

    Nov 29, 1996 · this code echo parent cat name. foreach((get_the_category()) as $childcat) { $parentcat = $childcat->category_parent; echo get_cat_name($parentcat); echo $parentcat->term_id;} echo $post->post_parent->cat_ID; this code echo …

wp_list_categories() Function WordPress Developer ...

    Remove Parentheses from Category Counts. When show_count=1, each category count is surrounded by parentheses. In order to remove the parentheses without modifying core WordPress files, use the following code. $variable = wp_list_categories( array( 'echo' => false, 'show_count' => true, 'title_li' => '<h2>' .

How to Display Categories on WordPress Pages ...

    Nov 09, 2018 · Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard and select Posts > Categories. Be sure you have all of the categories created that you’d like included on your new page. Step 2: Hover your mouse over one of the category titles you want to include and look at the bottom of your screen. You will see a long link similar to the example below.

How to Include Category and Subcategory in WordPress URLs

    Jan 23, 2017 · If you didn’t choose a subcategory, then it will only show one parent category. WordPress chooses the category alphabetically. For example, if you file a post in Apple and Technology categories, then WordPress will include apple in the URL because it comes first in alphabetical order. http://example.com/apple/article-title-here/

What is a Category? How to Use Categories in WordPress

    For example, a news website may have a category News with child categories for Local, National, and Global news. To create a child category, go to the Posts » Categories screen and select a parent category from the dropdown menu. Then fill in the name for your child category, adding the description and slug are optional.

List all posts by category / subcategory ... - WordPress.org

    If you would like to always show the categories, regardless of if they have posts, you could move the echoing of the $category->name outside of the if ($posts). The way that it is currently, the category name will only be displayed if there is a post assigned with that category.

The Ultimate Guide to Display Category Pages in WordPress

    Aug 23, 2019 · There are 2 steps to show the category page in menu and sidebar: Assign posts to categories.First, you locate Posts and choose the post that you want to add to a category. On the right, you will see Category options. Just click on your desired category and Update your change. Display the category page in navigation menus and widget

How to Hide a Category in WordPress? (Step by Step ...

    Dec 02, 2019 · Once the plugin is activated, from the Appearance menu in the WordPress Dashboard click on Widgets. Then, simply drag and drop the installed plugin to your sidebar, or footer. Then you have the option to rename the title, hide the title, hide count. In addition, from the Show, All Category drop-down menu select which categories to hide or display.

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