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Adding a YouTube Video as a Featured Image in Wordpress

    Oct 27, 2014 · What if there is more than one YouTube video? In order to set the image we want as “featured”, we need to go through the following steps: Get the Youtube video ID; Decide what sized image we want; Download the picture; Set it as the featured image. Getting the Youtube Video ID. In this test example, I use the trailer of the movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. Here’s the URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9a4PvzlqoQ. The ID of every Youtube video …

How to set YouTube video as featured image?

    Well this is not exactly a WordPress problem / solution. First you have to either get the video id from the video_site_url post meta or save the YouTube video id in it's own post meta field, maybe youtube_video_id.. Next you can get the thumbnail using one of these url

Automatic Featured Images from Videos – WordPress plugin ...

    When placing a YouTube or Vimeo video within the first 800 characters of a post, the thumbnail of that video will automatically be sideloaded and set as the featured image for the post as long as the post does not already have a featured image set. In addition, after setting the video thumbnail as the featured image, an “is_video” post meta field is updated to allow for the use …4.6/5(27)

Setting a post's featured image from an embedded YouTube video

    This can be done by iterating through the $attachments collection and sniffing out what URL's look like a YouTube URL. function set_youtube_as_featured_image($post_id) { // only want to do this if the post has no thumbnail if(!has_post_thumbnail($post_id)) { // find the youtube url $post_array = get_post($post_id, ARRAY_A); $content = $post_array['post_content']; $youtube_id = get_youtube_id($content); // build the thumbnail string $youtube_thumb_url = 'http://img.youtube.com/vi/' . $youtube ...

YouTube Video Thumbnails as Featured Images in WordPress

    Our popular WordPress - YouTube plugin can now automatically grab the thumbnail of the first video you embed in each post/page and set the image as the featured image shown on your blog home. The plugin provides each post/page with the highest quality possible featured image available from the YouTube API; i.e. 480x360.

How to Add Featured Video Thumbnails in WordPress - YouTube

    You will see a new featured video metabox to place your video url. Click off the box and it will bring the video thumbnail. Under Settings, Media you can fine tune the …

Display Video as Featured Image/Thumbnail in Wordpress ...

    Mar 02, 2020 · To display a video as a thumbnail featured image in WordPress: Create a new post; Add the video share URL at the top of the post content; Make sure “format” is selected under Screen Options; Choose the “video” format; Then publish! That’s it! Now, wherever you have that post pull up, the video will show as the featured image.

How to Add Featured Video Thumbnails in WordPress

    Mar 11, 2015 · You can fine tune featured videos on your site by visiting Settings » Media. First you need to choose the usage settings. The default choice is to automatically replace featured image with the video. You can change it to open the video only when featured image is clicked, or to display featured video and auto-play if possible.

Display Video as Featured Image/Thumbnail in Wordpress (NO ...

    In this super quick/cool tutorial, I’ll show you how to Display a Video as the WordPress Post Thumbnail or Featured Image.View the full post with links and r...

WordPress Featured Video – VideographyWP – WordPress ...

    VideographyWP is a WordPress featured video plugin that can import video content from YouTube into your WordPress post and embed the video automatically, optionally replacing the post featured image. WordPress featured video plugin can automatically fill the post title and post content with the details retrieved from YouTube and it can also set the post featured image …4.3/5(14)

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