If you have been hanging around your Drupal friends for too long, you may not have noticed that a whole new world of WordPress capabilities has been growing since the release of WordPress version 4.0. One of these is a minor WordPress core configuration that lets developers take advantage of WordPress Multisite networks.

In doing this configuration, you can now create 100’s of sub-sites based on only one single code source, while equally controlling the installation and distribution of themes and plugins. This sounds like it could be an interesting option for those looking for a quick fix to problems they have yet to solve with a plugin. However, with over thousands of plugins available for single instance WordPress, writing your own plugin could still be better for your stress then building a monster like WordPress Multisite. As a niche part of WordPress, multisite is not without its rough edges. But it does have its uses that I plan on exploring over the next year.

About trenchbucket

Kyle is a thinker, explorer, and developer who enjoys liberating businesses from the tyranny of bad web technology. As a Chief Dragon Slayer at Trenchbucket, Kyle leads his team to success in the art of hunting, trapping, and barbecuing the digital dragons that hide throughout your online software. So find Kyle today, so he can introduce you and your staff to dragon BBQ tomorrow!

Intro to Monsters

Think about it. If done wrong, or used incorrectly, WordPress Multisite becomes an unyielding beast. Migration is a nightmare, databases are flooded with tables, and the entire architecture can be swallowed whole by poorly planning installations. By referring to everything in the WordPress Multisite world as a Monster or Monster Site, I’ve simplified the conversation for the sake of my readers. Now every time you configure WordPress to allow it to centralize its code across subdomains or subfolders, you have created a MONSTER! And if you are familiar with how you create networked sites like this, then you know that “Monster Sites” is a perfect name for these creations.