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XML-RPC MetaWeblog API « WordPress Codex

    metaWeblog.newPost. Create a new post. Parameters. int blogid: Not applicable for WordPress, can be any value and will be ignored. string username; string password; struct content. string title; string description: Post content. string post_type: "post" or "page" datetime dateCreated† datetime date_created_gmt†: If specified, takes ...

wordpress - How to use XML-RPC metaWeblog.newPost properly ...

    I want to make new posts on my blog remotely with XMLRPC API and I'm trying to use metaWeblog.newPost function, because it provides more features. I successfully added new posts into WordPress but failed to post it in a defined category. I tried lots of various things but failed.

Problem with Create Post using metaWeblog.newPost or wp ...

    I have succesfully create new post by using the api metaWeblog.newPost. I can see the new post created under the All Posts admin page. But the problem is it won't show on the homepage. Ii will only...

metaWeblog.newPost posting to Wordpress from Word - Juust

    metaWeblog.newPost. Most sites (including blogger) have skipped from blogger.newPost to newer formats. I prefer using the metaWeblog.newPost rpc method, it is a bit more versatile, and supported by WordPress as well. (ref. msdn library article on metaWeblog.newPost) The methodcall is structured like this : methodname : metaWeblog.newPost; blogid

WordPress XML-RPC – MetaWeblog API - Things That Matter Most

    Oct 08, 2010 · WordPress username; WordPress password; Post content (same as for metaWeblog.newPost) – Only send the parameters you want to change. Publish – The status you want the post to have, either publish or draft; Returns: True – yup, that’s it. Just the Boolean value true. metaWeblog.getPost. Function: Gets the value of a given post on the ...

Remote posting wordpress with XML-RPC metaWeblog.newPost ...

    WordPress has supported MetaWeblog API that Allows external programs to get and set the text and attributes of weblog posts.To create a new posting remotely, requiring metaWeblog.newPost as XML-RPC API communication protocol.

How to Upload using Wordpress MetaWeblog.newMediaObject ...

    Nov 14, 2014 · Okay, lets begin the tutorial Upload using WordPress MetaWeblog.newMediaObject and IXR_Library 1. First , you need to download IXR_Library.php here. 2. Create new php file as upload_image.php, and put IXR_Library.php in the same folder with it. Don’t forget to put your image in your directory (In my example folder/image.jpg) 3.

XML-RPC/system.listMethods « WordPress Codex

    In WordPress specifically (as opposed to vanilla PHP), there is a class available that uses WordPress' built-in HTTP request wrapper instead of relying on direct cURL calls. To use this wrapper, your code instead becomes: <?php require ABSPATH . WPINC . "/class-IXR.php"; require ABSPATH .

Blog ID in WordPress and XML-RPC Blog APIs – Joseph Scott

    Jun 10, 2008 · metaWeblog.newPost (blog_id, username, password, struct, publish) The WordPress implementation of this method doesn’t use the blog_id value at all. For all intents and purposes it is thrown away, only using the last four parameters.

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