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ENGL 1301 Home Jerry Staley

    This is the home page for Staley's teaching & instructional blog. Here are some other helpful resources: Purdue Owl Writing Center, Texas Tech Library, Texas Tech University Writing Center, St. Martin's eHandbook, Raider Writer

jerrystaley Jerry Staley

    Read all of the posts by jerrystaley on Jerry Staley. Hello! Previously, I used this blog to support my student-teaching. Now I’m a full-time English teacher, and I’m using the blog as …

Important Terms, Concepts & Vocab Jerry Staley

    Important Terms, Concepts & Vocab *Note: I've defined these terms as they appeared in the readings from the textbook. There are a number of valuable sources you can find online that will provide more thorough definitions. Rhetoric: The art of using language effectively so as to persuade or influence others The study of principles and…

Participation Assignments Jerry Staley

    Participation Assignments [from Fall 2012 English 1301 class] PA1: Article Summaries For each of the following articles, you need to do three things: read the article thoroughly, compose a short summary of 150-200 words that explains what you think the article is about, and think of a discussion question (“Winning Hearts and Minds in…

Rhetorical Analysis Draft Outline Jerry Staley

    Rhetorical Analysis Draft Outline Introduction When and where was the article published, and how does that information contribute to your understanding of audience? What is the context or the time period in which the article was written, and how does that information contribute to your understanding of purpose? In other words, what reasons does the author…

Policies Jerry Staley

    Course & Classroom Policies Mr. Jerry Staley, Fall 2012 English 1301 @[email protected] (email no longer exists; refer to [email protected] please) Office: 475 , Office Hours: MW 9:30-11:30 CLASSROOM POLICIES A) Implementation: i. In-Class Readings, Discussions & Writing Exercises ii. Online Discussion Forum: Staley's Teaching Blog B) Presentation i.

Creative Writing & Speech – Jerry Staley

    Jerry Staley. Posted on May 22, 2017 May 22, 2017 by jerrystaley. Monday Rehearsals. Attendance Tardy-free week; Submit printed drafts of speeches! Rehearsal: Table Presentations; For Final Presentations: Rubric; Peer Evaluation; Print 2 copies of speech beforehand! Posted on May 15, 2017 May 18, 2017 by jerrystaley.

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