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    Dec 09, 2016 · Jacob Furedi, you are the love of my life, and I truly believe that with every part of my being. I’ve known you for two months, and yet, you mean the world to me. I know it seems ridiculous, I don’t understand it either, and the only explanation is that you’re the one.


    Jacob Furedi, you are the love of my life, and I truly believe that with every part of… Read More. catch up. Hey. I started a new blog. A few people knew my other one, and I found myself not writing for fear of them reading it. Ridiculous really. I wanted to be a writer, and yet the thought of people, even my closest friends, reading my work ...

Jacob Furedi - HuffPost UK

    Something terrible is happening to the Tube. Where once it was a place of solitude for the fatigued, if a bit sweaty, commuter, a sadistic group of right-on luvvies is attempting to turn it …

Frank Furedi - jacobbenson.wordpress.com

    Jan 24, 2014 · Frank Furedi starts his piece, “Culture of Fear,” with a very powerful statement and that is “Safety has become the fundamental value of our times.” This was somewhat of a controversy topic sentence in our class’s discussion. The phrase “the fundamental value” sets the tone of it being the highest priority of our daily lives.…3.5/5(9)

Tales From The Safe Space, Part 48 – Insufferable Middle ...

    Dec 01, 2016 · — Jacob Furedi (@jacobfuredi) November 20, 2016 I heartily concur. I grew up in a poor, single-parent household in Essex and attended Cambridge University, and in my time there I was never made to feel unwelcome or at risk of emotional “harm” because of insults about my background.

Bank of America: “Our world is a Matrix-style virtual ...

    Jacob Furedi INDEPENDENT; Humans are forced to negotiate a machine-controlled simulated reality in The Matrix Rex Features. Analysts at Bank of America have reportedly suggested there is a 20 to 50 per cent chance our world is a Matrix-style virtual reality and everything we experience is just a simulation.

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    Over to you, Jacob Furedi: Following Trump's travel ban on refugees and citizens from seven majority-Muslim countries, his presidency has immediately been equated with the rise of Hitler. Perennial-loud-mouthed MP Dennis Skinner has labelled President Trump as a "fascist". On the continent and across the Atlantic, the mayors of Madrid and ...


    Nov 21, 2014 · thepeoplesrecord: 10,000 students protest tuition fees, skyrocketing debt in LondonNovember 19, 2014 A student protest that attracted thousands of people on to the streets of London has ended with a series of scuffles and accusations of police violence. Organisers said the demonstration against tuition fees and wider cuts to education was the biggest mobilisation …

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    This event was hosted by the Academy of Ideas Arts & Society Forum. At one time, classical music was rigorously defended – both by the sector and within wider society – because of its unique stature as the epitome of the European music tradition and its alignment with Enlightenment ideals.

Say Anything, VC

    Feb 09, 2014 · “The dictation of personal health and hygiene by the state is a common feature of theocracies and totalitarian states. Hitler banned smoking out of concerns for public health and personal purity. In the name of health, political and sectarian repression is often at work.” Richard Klein also for fellow smokers/all y’all who realize how fucked…

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