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Function Reference « WordPress Codex

    The files of WordPress define many useful PHP functions. Some of the functions, known as Template Tags, are defined especially for use in WordPress Themes. There are also some functions related to actions and filters (the Plugin API), which are therefore used primarily for developing Plugins. The rest are used to create the core WordPress functionality.

Functions WordPress Developer Resources

    Code Reference archive for WordPress functions. Function: Add post meta data defined in $_POST superglobal for post with given ID.

Theme Functions Theme Developer Handbook WordPress ...

    With functions.php you can: Use WordPress hooks. For example, with the excerpt_length filter you can change your post excerpt length (from default of 55 words). Enable WordPress features with add_theme_support(). For example, turn on post thumbnails, post formats, and navigation menus. Define functions you wish to reuse in multiple theme template files.

WordPress Functions List For Custom Theme Development

    WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) for many websites as it is highly user-friendly and customizable, making it a popular choice at ColorWhistle for client projects. If you’re familiar with custom WordPress theme development, you know things can get messy, especially if you’re starting from the scratch.

The Top 100 Most Commonly Used WordPress Functions – Vegibit

    In WordPress, strings in the php files are marked for translation to other languages, and localization using two functions: __() and _e(). _e() Translation in WordPress Themes

WordPress Cheat Sheet - Function Reference - BPTUTORIALS.COM

    WordPress cheat sheet help to rapid development of WordPress website. In WordPress files there are many PHP functions defined . Those functions are called template tags. Some functions are used for developing plugins and some for WordPress core functionalities. So, the cheat sheet of WordPress functions by category are listed below:

What is functions.php file in WordPress? - WPBeginner

    In WordPress, functions.php or the theme functions file is a template included in WordPress themes. It acts like a plugin for your WordPress site that’s automatically activated with your current theme. The functions.php file uses PHP code to add features or change default features on a WordPress site.

5 most useful and important WordPress functions to know

    The most important WordPress functions allow you to customize your site's appearance and functionalities. This way, you can, for example, include new fonts on your website, remove scripts, and disable the "continue reading" feature.

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